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If you’re desperately looking for a better way to improve your quality of sleep easily and eagerly looking for ways to relieve your nagging neck and back pain, then buying a memory foam mattress may be the answer to your prayers. 

Originally developed by NASA engineers to cushion astronauts during space travel and well known for its conforming and pressure relieving capabilities, memory foam has well and truly taking the world by storm, and it’s here to stay!

So what’s so great about memory foam anyway?

Well, memory foam is best down for its slow response traits, the material becomes softer and more adaptive when exposed to body heat, allowing it to mold around the unique contours of your body, and as it cools, it returns to its original shape. 

Pretty cool, right? Wait until you hear this. 

Due to its pressure-relieving and conforming capabilities, memory foam is an ideal choice for those who need a little extra support in the night. It is also ideal for relieving aches and pains in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, you name it. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day rather than achy and restless. 

But since memory foam is so popular among most sleepers, choosing the right memory foam mattress for you is far from an easy task. You need to ensure the memory foam is top quality, along with having effective cooling technology to regulate body temperature during the night– memory foam does tend to sleep hot. 

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam – better known as memory foam – was first developed by NASA engineers. One of memory foam’s defining traits is slow response. The material becomes softer and more adaptive when exposed to body heat, allowing it to mold around the unique contours of your body. As it cools, the foam returns to its original shape.

This is where this awesome buyers guide comes in. After over 10-years in the industry, I know what to look for in quality bedding, and in this guide, I’ve done the research for you and laid it all out in an easy-to-follow guide. You’ll love what I’ve picked out for you.

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Our Full Selection of Best Memory Foam Mattresses


GhostBed Classic Memory Foam Mattress

best cooling memory foam mattress

So let’s start off by talking about one of my favorite cooling memory foam mattresses on the market. GhostBed has taken it one step further with its design– ventilated latex meets cooling gel memory foam to create the perfect balance of temperature.

This hybrid twist on these memory foam mattresses gives GhostBed that perfect cool feel. Latex is known as a neutral material and helps keep neutral temperature, plus the ventilated design allows the coolness of the gel memory foam to pass through.

No more hot and sweaty nights.

But this mattress is not only brilliant for those who sleep hot, but the four layers of comfort make this mattress ideal for combo sleepers who love to toss and turn. It is also best for those that need that little extra support when sleeping on the side.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of these four comfort layers.

The top layer is a super comfortable plush cover that is made with a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester, which offers mega comfort and a breathable feel. This light sheet uses cooling technology which is crucial for a comfortable night’s rest.

The second layer is an aerated latex foam layer with small holes which pull the head away. I personally love latex as it has conforming properties of memory foam with a slightly bouncier and airier feel to the mattress.

GhostBed also comes with a two-inch memory foam layer underneath the latex foam layer so you can have the best of both worlds. Plus, their proprietary formula features larger cells than traditional memory foam, so this layer can effectively absorb and transfer body heat.

To top it all off, the final layer is an additional support layer; it is a high-density base layer that adds durability and prolongs the lifespan of the mattress as a whole. It has been rated the best mattress for back pain, the best latex mattress, and the best mattress for combination sleepers.

GhostBed has 20+ years of experience in the sleeping industry, backed by years of researching, designing, and refining, so you’re guaranteed to be getting the very best bang for your buck.

So if you’re a combination sleeper constantly looking for a solution to help with aches and pains, then give the original Ghostbed a go!

  • Four layers of plush comfort
  • Cheaper than other similar mattresses of this calibre
  • Super cool and ventilated design
  • Suitable for combination sleepers
  • 10 year protection costs $50

Latest deal: GhostBed Classic Memory Foam Mattress


Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress for side sleepers

So you may be looking at this product and wondering to yourself why copper-infused? Well, you’ll actually be shocked by the cooling properties of copper; it has some serious thermal benefits through dispersing your body heat evenly.

Copper is brilliant at dissipating heat, drawing heat away from the body, and regulating airflow and body temperature.

What I love about this mattress over the others on my list is that Layla offers a flippable mattress so you can completely customize your rest. One side is a firm mattress, while the offer is medium soft, making it ideal for those whose preferences vary from night to night.

Now while I’ve picked this mattress to be the best memory foam mattress for sleepers, it is also perfect for those that like to sleep on their back too. Since each side is different, you can choose the right amount of support by simply flipping the mattress.

But let’s talk cooling technology; I know you’re dying to know more about the copper infusion. 

The copper-infused mattress works wonders for keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night with their natural cooling technology. The copper infusion reacts to body temperature and keeps you cool by dispersing body heat to provide a healthier, better-quality sleeping experience without any hot flushes or disturbances in the night.

The medium-soft side is constructed with three inches of memory foam, along with some convoluted polyfoam for that little extra padding. The surface contours closely to the body, making it a comfortable mattress for side sleepers and even back sleepers too.

While the other side offers 1 inch of memory foam, giving the mattress a firm feel for those that want that little extra support. The layer of dense polyfoam is located between the comfort layers, which acts as a shared support core for ultimate stability on both sides.

But wait, get this, this mattress even comes with two free pillows!! You’ll be all set with this awesome mattress.

If you’re a combination sleeper that likes a little bit of both firmness on one night and softness on another them this super easy flippable mattress by Layla will be your very best match, the technology of this mattress is pretty impressive.

  • Flippable mattress ideal for combination sleepers
  • Infused with natural copper for cooling properties
  • Conforming memory foam
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • None

Latest Deal: Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress


Tuft & Needle Mint Queen Mattress

best luxury memory foam mattress

The best thing I found about memory foam is the vibration silencing making them the ideal material for sleeping with a restless partner or a pet. This one has well and truly earned its spot as the best mattress for minimal partner disturbance during the night.

It is constructed with thick layers of adaptive polyfoam, which contours to your body to alleviate pressure without hugging your body too much or feeling like you’re sinking into the foam too much. It comes with a dense base to ensure the top layers remain flat. 

What I love about the Mint Mattress over the original T&D mattress are the cooling properties. The Original T&D uses blue gel, whereas, in the Mint design, they use a green gel that offers five times better cooling qualities making it one of the best memory foam mattresses for hot sleepers.

Plus, with antimicrobial properties, it is also hypoallergenic and protects against bacteria.

The top two layers are infused with graphite and green cooling gel, which not only helps draw heat away from the body but also offers extra breathability to keep you cozy and comfortable– this has improved by 30% over the original too!

The breathability and body-conforming capabilities of this type of memory foam make the Mint Mattress perfect for couples. You’ll experience fewer sleep disruptions as the foam absorbs movement and eliminates motion transfer; it is also completely silent, making it perfect for when sleeping next to a restless partner.

Sleep trials are the best thing to look for when buying online, you can order the product, and most companies offer at least a 30-day sleep trial, and if you don’t think it is for you after that period of time, you can return hassle-free. Good news! T&D’s mint mattress comes with a whopping 100-day sleep trial which is backed up by a 10-year warranty. 

It also comes in a range of sizes from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, so there’s a range of sizes for a range of needs. Talk about a luxury mattress for a price point that won’t break your bank!

  • Flippable mattress ideal for combination sleepers
  • Infused with natural copper for cooling properties
  • Conforming memory foam
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • None

Latest Deal: Tuft & Needle Mint Queen Mattress


Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

best cheap memory foam mattress

Now I do love a good bargain when it comes to ordering things on Amazon, but I’m always a bit skeptical. But have Zinus found the recipe number one best-selling mattress? Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

Unlike the other mattresses I have reviewed with you today, Zinus use a refreshing green tea and charcoal-infused memory foam. I am a personal fan of natural ingredients used in memory foam to ac as cooling agents, and boy, do these ingredients work!

The rich green tea gives a fresh feel to the mattress; you’ll wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy. While the ActivCharcoal is a brilliant deodorizing ingredient that dissipates odors and leaves the mattress smelling good 24/7. 

So that’s the infusion; what about the foam?

Well, the top layer is infused with green tea, which gives a fresh feel while the memory hugs your body’s curves to lift pressure points and relieve aches and pains. The layer underneath is a conform foam that molds and contours your body’s shape and relieves aches and pains.

Then the third layer is a base foam which helps the mattress maintain a strong structure and offer efficient edge support and longevity.

Another brilliant feature about this memory foam mattress is that it is CertiPUR-US certified, so you can guarantee you’ll be getting high-quality materials that are durable, comfortable, and offer a good level of performance. 

It comes in a compact box to be easily shipped and maneuvered to the bedroom; all you need to do is unbox, unroll and leave the mattress to expand for 72 hours– super easy. Plus, it can take a weight of up to 500lbs, making it the best memory foam mattress for heavy people. 

However, my only pet peeve about this mattress is that it doesn’t offer a sleep trial; it does offer a 10-year warranty which is a nice touch for a cheap mattress, so all in all it is a pretty great bang for your buck!

  • Green tea and charcoal infused
  • Conforming and body contouring
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Affordable price point
  • Doesn’t offer sleep trial

Latest deal: Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress


Casper Sleep Element Mattress

best memory foam mattress under 1000

Memory foam mattresses offer unbeatable comfort and pressure relief for your shoulder, neck, and back as they conform to your body to life pressure points so you can wake up feeling well-rested and pain-free rather than tight and restless.

Cue one of the best mattresses in town– Casper Sleep.

If you’re looking for shoulder, neck, and back support and cooling properties, then Casper Element is the one you need. It is even the best mattress for those with shoulder and back pain. Casper is reimagining sleep from the ground up, and I’m here for it.

So let’s talk about the structure: there are two layers used within this mattress. The top layer is made with AirScape Perforated foam which is a breathable foam that increases airflow and circulates air, while the durable base underneath is engineered to prevent you from sinking into the mattress– we’ve all been there.

It’s dreamy comfort at an unbeatable price.

The Element is the perfect introduction to Casper quality while remaining at an affordable price. These two layers offer the perfect balance of softness and support as the mattress cradles your body while you rest.

The top layer has a touch of softness and bounces while promoting breathability, and the memory foam supports pressure points and cradles curves and conforms to your whole body—no more sinking or sagging into the mattress.

What I love about Casper’s Mattresses is that they are all eco-friendly and eco-conscious, as the cover is made with recycled materials that are designed to withstand years of abuse and love. But this cover also has a four-way stretch, so you can feel the full benefits of the layers underneath too.

Just like Nectar, Casper also offers a sleep trial. It may not be as much as the whopping 365 days like Nectar, but Casper still offers a 100-day trial which is more than enough to judge whether it’s a right fit for you– plus, you can’t beat the free returns!

Many customers stated there was a horrible smell from the mattress, but for memory foam, in most cases, this is normal. However, other customers didn’t even notice the odor, so this may have been a result of an anomaly.

All in all, this is yet another top-quality mattress for the price.

  • Breathable memory foam top layer
  • Supportive foam reduces pressure on hips and shoulders
  • Eco friendly cover
  • 100 sleep trial & free returns
  • None

Latest deal: Casper Sleep Element Mattress


Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress on amazon

Next up is yet another favorite brand of mine, their mattresses are rated the best-rated mattress loved by thousands of people who suffer from back pain but don’t want to spend thousands on a new memory foam mattress.

It is a solid example of high-quality memory foam mattresses that won’t break your bank.

Plus, with Nectar, you’re in safe hands ordering online as they offer a  year-long trial period, plus a hassle-free warranty, so if it’s not a right fit or if something goes wrong, you’re covered! Nectar offers the longest warranty in the business– pretty cool, right?

So what’s it made of?

Well, for starters, these three-inch memory foam mattresses come with a whopping five layers of comfort. With a soft and airy top layer with cooling Tencel, the second layer being gel memory foam to conform to your body and keep you cool in the process.

It is a medium-firm mattress that offers just the right level of firmness for support but also enough softness to feel comfortable. It also comes in a range of sizes from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king so there’s a right size for everyone.

As we delve into the deeper layers, the third layer is an adaptive response transition layer that prevents you from sinking into the mattress. The fourth layer is a base layer to reinforce this support. The final layer at the bottom is a mattress cover to prevent slippage.

So this mattress is not only best for hot sleepers, but it has an optimal level of firmness, breathability, comfort, and conforming capabilities. It can provide support for any sleeping position. I find this mattress the best mattress for side and back sleepers.

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a supportive cloud with the deep body contouring features.

Say goodbye to aches and pains when you wake up and hello to feeling refreshed and well-rested when you wake up. The conforming properties make it the ideal mattress for side sleepers of all sizes and many back and stomach sleepers too.

With Nectars 365 day sleep trial, you can’t go wrong– time to catch some serious Zzz’s

  • Breathable, cooling mattress with 5 layers of comfort
  • High quality with an affordable price
  • Conforming memory foam
  • Ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers
  • None

Latest deal:  Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress


GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

best memory foam mattress for heavy person

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is a hybrid mattress?? But this bed by GhostBed was too good not to include; this memory foam and innerspring hybrid are the best of both worlds if you love the conforming capabilities of foam and bounce of coils. 

This mattress is actually really good for heavy sleepers or couples as it supports a lot of weight. This mattress is even more exciting as it comes with a whopping seven layers of hybrid comfort.

So let’s talk about these layers in more detail. The top layer is a quilted cover which is instantly cool to the touch and super plus; the second layer is also very cool with the 1 inch of cooling fiber which is woven directly into the comfort. This is then reinforced with the 1-inch gel memory foam layer; this cozy memory foam layer completes the cover.

Thats the layers that are in the cover alone; next up is yet another layer of contouring memory foam, which helps with spine alignment and relieves pressure points. This is followed by a Ghost Bounce Layer which is responsive like latex but contouring like memory foam.

So that’s the foam part of the bed; what about the coils?

The sixth layer offers springy support and reinforced edges with their reinforced coils design which is supported on top of the high-density base layer to provide maximum durability and lifespan from this mattress. You can have a combination of support, comfort, and quality.

Talking of quality, you can buy with confidence that GhostBED Mattresses are proudly made in the US with high quality and CertiPur-US certified materials that were well and truly built to last. It is one of the best mattresses for back pain and, in particular lower back pain.

I know I’ve already reviewed a GhostBed with you already, but they really are a great bang for your buck, and the Flex Hybrid is one of their coolest mattresses in their range– ideal for those hot sleepers who want the perks of memory foam but still want to sleep cool. 

  • Seven layers of hybrid comfort
  • Three layers of supportive foam and 1 layer of reinforced coils
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • 25 years warranty through manufacturers website
  • Still quite pricey

Latest deal: GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress


AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress for back pain

Here’s another brilliant memory foam mattress for my combination sleepers by Amerisleep. The AS3 combines the ultimate sleep technology crafted with high-quality materials designed for alleviating your sleeping experience. 

The VS3 is Amerisleep’s most versatile memory foam mattress from their range. It evenly blends support and softness, making it brilliant for those who change their positions as they sleep. They utilize three layers of comfort in their design to create a soft but responsive feel. 

The first layer is known as the Bio-Pur it is a cool, responsive, and breathable memory foam that helps you keep cool and comfortable while resting. Plus, it is more responsive than any old memory foam, so you don’t sink or get stuck in the mattress. It is even eco-friendly as it is made partially with plant-based materials and uses low-emission manufacturing. 

The next layer uses Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation and Energy Technology (HIVE)  to offer efficient pressure relief using hundreds of six-sided foam cores which expand and contract.

This provides you with that little extra cushioning where you want it and supports where you need it to soothe sore spots like the shoulders and lower back so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed rather than achy and sore from a restless night of tossing and turning. 

Sounds pretty cool, am I right?

The final layer is also known as the BioCore, which provides long-lasting support and durability. It ensures that the mattress doesn’t lose firmness or develop soft spots and sagging over time with some love and care. 

Amerisleep is so confident in their product that they offer a whopping 20-year warranty on all their mattresses.

So you can buy with confidence and comfort!

  • Flippable mattress ideal for combination sleepers
  • Infused with natural copper for cooling properties
  • Conforming memory foam
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • None

Latest deal: AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress


Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress

best firm memory foam mattress

Ready to sleep tight and rise bright? There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud and drifting off into a dream without any disruptions, and SweetNight is ready for exactly that! The Sunkiss Queen Mattress is the perfect motion isolation mattress. 

The soft, plush surfaces will have you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine, while the bottom offers enough support to cradle your body. This mattress by Sweetnight perfectly contours your body and conforms to every shape to relieve pressure points and aches. 

But what until you hear this…

This mattress is completely flippable, similar to the Layla Mattress I discussed with you earlier. So you can have two firmness sleeping levels making it ideal for sleepers whose preferences change from night to night. 

So let’s talk layers: the top layer is made with two-inch gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and help regulate body temperature throughout the night; this is then followed by five inches of comfort foam to relieve pressure points and keep the body balanced. 

This is then followed by three inches of high-density support foam for durability and performance, which providing edge to edge support. 

This is yet another memory foam mattress that is ideal for couples as it eliminates motion transfer, controls motion, and prevents localized bounce so you can sleep through all the tossing and turning of your partner, and you’ll both wake up feeling refreshed. 

This mattress is top-notch with top-quality components. Plus, to top it all off, the materials are all CertiPUR-US Certified and free of unhealthy foam. Any smell that comes from this mattress is harmless and will disappear in a few days. 

Just like a few other mattresses I have reviewed for you today, this is yet another mattress that arrives in the box, making it super handy to haul up the stairs or even carry in your apartment elevator; box mattresses are actually handier. Then you think!

The cherry on top of the cake is it comes with a ten-year, no-risk warranty and 24/7 customer service system, so you can buy with complete confidence, but I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this memory foam mattress!

  • Flippable mattress ideal for combination sleepers
  • Cooling memory foam
  • Motion isolation to prevent disruption
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • No sleep trial

Latest deal: Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress


LUCID Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress under 500

So last but certainly not least is the best affordable memory foam mattress by Lucid; it is the best mattress for those on a budget. It is a perfect choice for side, back, and stomach sleepers looking for a restful night’s sleep with a medium-plush feel. 

There are 2.5 inches of plush gel-infused memory foam which dissipates heat to keep you cool throughout the night, much cooler than traditional memory foam. Plus, the top layer is also ventilated to help make the mattress more breathable and ventilated. 

Another cool feature about this mattress is that the base foam is made with bamboo charcoal which helps minimize odor buildup and ensures that your mattress remains fresh for longer. It also provides stability and full-body support. 

It also gives this mattress a hypoallergenic feel! 

To top it all off, Lucid is so confident in their product that it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence and be completely worry-free with your purchase. You won’t regret this bargain!

  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Bamboo charcoal base
  • Affordable Price 
  • 10-year warranty
  • Plush is quite firm

Latest deal: LUCID Memory Foam Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress: A Buyer’s Guide:

When thinking of buying a new mattress, there are always some factors to consider to ensure you’re getting the very best bang for your buck. I am personally a fan of memory foam mattresses for their conforming capabilities and insane comfort when you sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are brilliant at cradling your body’s curves and shapes and relieving pressure points while you rest, giving you a better quality night’s sleep with minimal disruptions and with some serious comfort. 

Memory foam is not only excellent for the single user but also an ideal choice for couples as thanks to the material, memory foam works wonders for silencing vibrations during the night, so if you have a restless partner that tosses and turns, memory foam will absorb the movement so you can sleep with zero disruptions. 

Side and back sleepers who have troubling areas in the hips, shoulders, back, neck, etc., really benefit from a memory foam mattress, especially if you weigh under 230 pounds as you, you can really reap the benefits of this bed. 

That being said, memory foam alone does have a tendency to sleep hot, so it’s not the best choice of mattress for hot sleepers. However, this doesn’t mean those who sleep hot can’t experience the comfort of memory foam; it may just mean you might want to spend a little extra on high-quality cooling technology. 

Nowadays, memory foam mattresses are packed with high-end cooling technology, from ventilated design, gel infusion; some even have a copper infusion and gel infusion across different layers to help dissipate heat, draw heat away from your body and regulate temperature. 

In this guide, I will be running through everything you need to know when buying a memory foam mattress to ensure you’re getting the very best bang for your buck, so stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this. 

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Before we dive into everything you need to know about buying a memory foam mattress, let’s skip back to the basics. What is memory foam and what is a memory foam mattress?

The main component that makes up memory foam mattresses is a polymer called polyurethane; it is an extremely versatile plastic polymer that is used to create a wide range of materials and products, including furniture like sofas and mattresses.

It can even be used to create insulation, liquid paints, primes, spray foams, and even car parts– told you it was versatile!

Memory foam is known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam or low resistance polyurethane foam; it is created by adding various compounds and additives to polyurethane depending on what type of memory foam is being created.

The chemicals used to create the foam can affect viscosity and elasticity. The viscosity is how long it takes to change shape under pressure or to transfer energy from one place to another, while the elasticity is the stretch, contouring and whether it will return to its original shape after the pressure is taken away.

Different manufacturers have different recipes of chemicals they add to the foam, but the most common type of memory foam used in memory foam mattresses is viscoelastic foam which helps with the elasticity of viscosity,

NASA first created the viscoelastic foam in the 1960s to counteract the extreme pressure which astronauts faced when exiting and entering the earth’s atmosphere, and now it has taken the bed market by storm with mattresses, pillows, and even mattress toppers.

So that’s what a regular memory foam mattress is, but what is a gel memory foam mattress and which is best? Gel memory foam or memory foam? 

Well, a gel memory foam mattress is pretty much the same as a regular memory foam mattress, but it is infused with a cooling gel; this helps dissipate heat and draw heat away from your body to keep the temperature neutral at night. Since memory foam has a tendency to sleep hot many sleepers and manufacturers opt for this kind of cooling technology to help keep their mattress cool. 

Pretty cool, right? Well, now you know what a memory foam mattress is, let’s delve into what to look for.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Memory Foam Mattress:

Before buying any memory foam mattress there are a few key pointers to look out for to ensure you’re getting the very best product. While high-quality memory foam is brilliant you don’t want to get caught out by cheaper alternatives.

Cheaper options claim they’re using memory foam but they’re probably using the cheapest memory foam quality on the market which will start to sag after a couple of years, so while I’m always up to save a few bucks, make sure you buy a mattress that is high quality.

So here are a few pointers to look out for.


The ideal thickness will depend on your individual preferences. Some people are happy with a 10-inch thick mattress, whereas others may prefer a 6-inch thick one instead.

If you would like your bed to be as high as possible, you should opt to buy the thickest mattress you can find, alternatively, if you would prefer your bed to be as low as possible, you will need to look for a thinner one.

Some people opt for thicker mattresses because they want to ensure their body gets as much support as possible. If you’re prone to waking up with aches and pains, it may be a good idea for you to buy a thick mattress, if you want that peace of mind.

However, thicker mattresses don’t offer very much more in the way of support, so you may want to think about testing out a few ones first, before parting with your hard-earned cash.

If you would like your bed to be as high as possible, then it might be wise to opt for a mattress that comes with a slight edge to it. The edge has been added to ensure you are less likely to fall out of bed. If you’re prone to falling out of bed, look for a thick one with an edge.


When you’re shopping for a memory foam mattress, one of the things you need to look out for is a mattress’s density. The density of it helps you to determine how soft or firm the mattress in question is.

Let’s imagine you’re walking around a mattress store, looking for one that is reasonably firm.

Rather than lying on every single mattress, you can find, knowing that a medium density mattress comes with 4 -5 pounds of memory foam per cubic foot, can help you to quickly determine if that mattress is right for you.

Low-density mattresses usually come with less than 3 pounds of memory foam per cubic foot, and high-density ones usually come with 6 or more, depending on the manufacturer.

So, try out a few beds, see which one you prefer the most, and note the density. Now you’ll be able to walk around the store or shop online for a mattress that’s as firm or as soft as you would like.

You should be aware that the higher the density of memory foam, the longer yours is likely to last, simply because it contains more memory foam.

This means it may be worth your while buying a mattress that’s just a little firmer than you would usually buy.

Ventilation & Airflow

Ventilation & airflow is of primary importance if you would like to get a comfortable nights’ sleep. Most memory foam mattresses offer this feature, which can help to keep you feeling cooler during the summer months, and warmer during the winter.

Mattresses such as memory foam mattresses often work to ensure there is maximum ventilation so that you sleep as comfortably as possible, no matter what the weather is doing outside. You should be aware that different ones will offer you different levels of ventilation and airflow.

These differences are usually related to the price of the mattress. For example, a $1,000 one may offer top-of-the-range ventilation, and airflow, whereas a $500 mattress will offer features that may be half as good.

Why do we need ventilation and airflow? The fact of the matter is that when we sleep, we sweat, and the moisture from our sweat can cling to our night clothes, and make them damp.

When one is ventilated and has good airflow, you’re less likely to sweat, which makes for a more comfortable nights’ sleep.

During the colder months, having good ventilation and airflow can help you to stay warm, as it will take the warm air from around your room, and allow it to flow through your mattress, warming you up quite nicely.


If you would like your purchase to be protected, you may want to take a look at the manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty works as a guarantee that the manufacturer will repair or replace the mattress should a fault develop with it.

The warranty is usually available within a specific period of time (Often 10-25 years for mattresses), and you’ll also find there are specific conditions included.

This means that you may not be covered for spilling red wine on your nice new one, but you could be covered if the mattress doesn’t work as well as it claims to.

If you would like to make a claim on your warranty, you will have to check the details first, as there will be specific conditions.

Before you purchase a nice new mattress, it’s worth your while checking out what is covered by the warranty. Every manufacturer has their own idea as to what they think should appear on the warranty, so please don’t automatically assume every product is similar.

Some brands offer extended warranties, but they usually do so for a price. If you would like to extend your warranty for whatever reason, please speak to the product seller as soon as you can.

Offering support

Memory foam mattresses offer so much more support than spring ones do. What’s more, is the support they offer is likely to last much longer than that given in spring mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses have been manufactured to support your weight, and distribute it across the mattress, making you less likely to suffer from bedsores, and other aches and pains.


Memory foam mattresses are usually more expensive than most spring ones, making it one of the main reasons why some people opt for the latter.

The good news is, however, that memory foam mattresses tend to last longer than spring mattresses do, and they’re also less squeaky and have been airflow.

When it comes to deciding which type of mattress is better, it’s clear to see that memory foam mattresses are a real winner. I’ve taken the best of the best in each category to aid your buying decision and ensure you get the very best for your budget.

Top Mattress Brands

When it comes to deciding which brands to buy, different people will have an idea as to what those brands are. If we refer to the list of mattresses that you can find above, you will see the obvious ‘Winners’ are:

  • Nectar
  • Casper Sleep
  • Tuft & Needle
  • Layla Mattress
  • GhostBed
  • WinkBed

All of the above brands and the mattresses that have been evaluated have been found to be some of the best on the market at the time of writing. There are many other brands available, but from the few that were selected, these came out the top.

Typically they offer a high level of comfort and durability, along with an impressive warranty, and price. Some of the above ones do differ in price, but the cheaper ones may have been just as good in terms of quality as some of their expensive counterparts.

This is why it always pays for you to shop around. If you would like to buy a new mattress, it would be wise to take a closer look at the above products. I would also recommend going to brands that offer sleep trials as you can buy with confidence that if it’s not a right fit you can return. Many top brands offer from a 30-day sleep trial to a whopping 365 day one. 

Just don’t be caught out by these sleep trials and make sure to read the fine print as some companies will try to catch you out and make you pay a hefty shipping cost to return the mattress to them– always read the fine print. 

Many manufacturers also offer mattress “accessories” or items that will improve the overall comfort and durability of your mattresses, such as cooling mattress pads, memory foam toppers, and protective sheets.

You may end up sleeping on one that helps you to get a better nights’ sleep, along with reducing the severity of aches and pains that some people suffer from upon waking.

Buying a high-end mattress will forever be rewarding, you’ll have a longer warranty and higher-end materials and components that will see you through years of sleeping with complete comfort and pressure-relieving in your shoulders, neck, back hips, you name it! 

Spring Vs. Foam Mattresses

So you may be here wondering whether to get yourself an innerspring mattress or a foam mattress; both mattress types have been competitors for each other so much so that manufacturers decided to create the hybrid mattress, so it’s the best of both worlds.

But which one is better and which one should I get? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress vs spring mattress.

Innerspring Mattress:

So everyone remembers the pain of spring mattresses as a kid; I certainly remember getting a sore back because some of the springs had broken, and it offered me no support whatsoever. My dad would remedy this by piling pieces of wood on top of the springs, thereby giving my back support again. But spring mattresses have come a long way since.

Nowadays, many spring mattresses are made with pocketed springs and high-quality springs that won’t break. Or they’ll be made in a hybrid alternative where the springs are at the bottom and layers of memory foam are on top.

They can offer a lot of support, particularly for heavier people or those with back ailments. However, a good quality spring mattress can be comfortable for anybody.

Innerspring mattresses are more traditional, and some see them as old-fashioned – however, they are still prevalent. They offer a lot of bounce, good temperature control, and come in a wide variety of prices.

Spring mattresses support the body by pushing back with a similar amount of pressure that the body applies. One potential drawback of this construction is that the body does not apply the same amount of pressure evenly across the mattress.

Foam Mattress:

Foam mattresses, however, can be made from memory foam, polyurethane foam, or latex.

Memory foam mattresses have been made to be as comfortable as possible. The layers of memory foam, followed by layers of comfortable materials, are there to give us the best nights’ sleep possible.

This type of mattress has been designed to distribute our body weight and make us feel as if we’re floating on a cloud or something close to that in any case.

Memory foam mattresses can offer you much pain relief if your pain is associated with sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support you. Memory foam really helps with back pain, and pain in your joints can also be relieved when using a mattress such as this.

Memory foam mattresses are unlikely to take all of your pain away, but the support they offer can and often does help.

Memory Foam Vs. Hybrid:

Hybrid mattresses blend the best qualities of innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. But which one should you get? Memory Foam vs. Hybrid? Now don’t get me wrong, memory foam has some pretty incredible qualities, but it does sleep hot.

Can we all agree on this?

But a hybrid mattress has memory foam layers, but instead of a high-density foam core, the core is replaced with innerspring and, most commonly, pocket springs. This gives the mattress a bit of bounce, stability, and insane edge support compared to memory foam.

Innersprings are known to sleep very cool, with their well-ventilated design and gaps between the pocketed springs, so they do sleep very cool; when paired with open-cell and gel or copper-infused memory foam, it helps the mattress sleep much cooler than all-foam.

They also prevent you from sinking too deep into the mattress with the springy core, this also helps reduce overheating, and it also prevents the feeling of drowning in the mattress, making it much easier to get in and out of.

Hybrids are even ideal for couples. While they may not offer as much motion silencing as memory foam, with pocketed springs, the springs move individually and make next to no noise with movement so that you can sleep next to a restless partner in peace. 

Hybrids are the best of both worlds, especially if you’re a hot sleeper who wants body contouring without the heat. Some hybrids also come with latex layers instead, and latex remains a neutral temperature making it an even better option for hot sleepers. It has very similar qualities to memory foam with body contouring and pressure relief– it just has a slightly bouncier feel! 

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress:

Knowing how to clean a memory foam mattress is super important as out of all the mattresses on the market, memory foam is the most prone to infestations because memory foam is like a sponge that soaks up moisture, making it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

In fact, 40.5% of memory foam mattresses without covers end up being infested, and 26.3% of foam mattresses without covers get dust mites in them too. Pretty gross, right? This is why keeping a memory foam mattress clean is so important!

The best way to keep your memory foam mattress clean is through regular maintenance and trying your best not to get it wet. So when cleaning, don’t apply water or detergent directly to the mattress as it will just soak through and create the perfect conditions for mold infestations. 

The simplest way to clean your memory foam mattress is with a vacuum, and it’s one of the quickest and easiest, too. This is a great method for the general maintenance of your mattress.

Daily vacuuming can actually reduce dust mites, endotoxins, and fungi growth in a mattress by between 70-85%!

Simply remove all bedding, including the mattress cover, and gently run the vacuum cleaner over your memory foam. The upholstery attachment is the best option for this job. Make sure to turn over each side of the foam layers in your mattress and clean it thoroughly.

It may be a good idea to give your mattress cover or topper a wash at the same time – just read the washing instructions. 

Key places to focus on when vacuuming your memory foam mattress are:

  • Buttons and crevices underneath them will need thorough vacuuming, maybe with a handheld vacuum, as well as all the nooks and crannies as this is where all the dust, hair, dirt, and dead skin cells collect will build up.
  • Don’t just do the top; remember to do the sides. Also, I would recommend every six months to do underneath your mattress by flipping it over.
  • If you have a pet that sheds hair, then I would recommend using an animal hair hoover as this will help pick up all dandruff and hair that may get caught within your mattress.
  • If your memory foam mattress is ventilated with holes, then make sure you spend time on these parts, too, as they will start to collect dust, dead skin cells, and much more.
  • To make things easier, I would recommend getting the hoover out every time you go to wash your sheets. When you get into bed after hoovering your memory foam mattress AND washing your sheets, you will feel as fresh as a daisy when you wake up the next morning.

So what about how to get urine out of memory foam mattresses? Or even how to clean tough stains out of a memory foam mattress? Don’t worry; I have broken it all down in an in-depth guide as to how to clean a memory foam mattress

You and your mattress will feel as fresh as a daisy in no time! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should buy a memory foam mattress? Anyone who would like to feel more comfortable while they sleep should buy a memory foam mattress. This type of product could also be beneficial to anyone who suffers from bedsores or spends a lot of time laying on a mattress.

What are the health benefits of a foam mattress?

The health benefits of a foam mattress include less strain placed on your joints and the likelihood of a much better nights’ sleep. A better nights’ sleep can help you to feel more rested, less stressed and make you feel more energetic too.

Since memory foam conforms to your body’s shapes and curves, it offers brilliant pressure-relieving qualities that can help reduce back, neck, shoulder, hip, and most aches and pains around your body. This can help improve the quality of sleep too. 

Memory foam also offers spinal alignment and lumbar support which again can relieve pain and improve the quality of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for our health; getting into those deep sleep stages can help with brain cognition, memory, and overall health of our body.

How does a memory foam mattress help you sleep better?

A memory foam mattress can help you sleep better by supporting your weight and therefore putting a lot less pressure on your joints and back. They have also been designed to be very comfortable too.

Thanks to the conforming capabilities of memory foam, memory foam is known to cradle your body’s shapes and curves, effectively making you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud which is known to improve the quality of sleep as you can fall asleep much faster when comfortable. 

Memory foam also offers a brilliant level of motion silencing, so if you sleep with a restless partner or combination sleeper who likes to toss and turn, memory foam can absorb the shock, so when movement occurs, it’s less likely to disturb the other sleeper. 

How long will the “new mattress” odor be present?

The “new mattress odor” should disappear within the first few weeks. The odor itself isn’t unpleasant, but it is often noticeable.

What’s the ideal thickness?

The ideal thickness will depend on your individual preferences. Some people are happy with a 10-inch thick mattress, whereas others may prefer a 6-inch thick mattress instead.

The ideal thickness is really down to personal preference and firmness preference. Many memory foam mattresses come with a support foam at the bottom which will determine the firmness of the mattress.

Some also come with multiple layers of memory foam with cooling technology and support, so this will also contribute to the thickness. But as a general rule of thumb, around 10-12 inches is ideal as it offers support and plush comfort. 

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

The top question I get asked is how long does a memory foam mattress last? Is it worth the investment? Absolutely if you buy a good quality memory foam. Many companies use polyurethane as a cheap cop-out, so be sure to watch out for this as it won’t last any longer than a few years.

So investing in memory foam is super important for a high-quality memory foam mattress that doesn’t sleep hot and will last you through years of sleeping.

Your new memory foam mattress should last up to 10 years, but some often last longer. If you spend a lot of time lying on a mattress, you may find that you need to buy a new one more frequently. A good mattress that’s used for more than 8 hours a day, every day, should last at least five years.

Are memory foam mattresses easy to clean?

Most mattresses don’t get cleaned simply because there is no easy way to clean them. We all tend to put sheets on top of our mattresses anyway, which means they are not likely to get very dirty.

In the event that your mattress needs to be cleaned, please visit the manufacturers’ website for details. If you can’t find any information about mattress cleaning, you may wish to search online for cleaning companies who can do it for you.

If you do not wish to pay the often hefty price that cleaning companies often charge, you may decide to clean the mattress yourself. But don’t worry, I’ve run through how to clean a memory foam mattress is quick and easy steps to help guide you through.

You should be aware that using cleaning chemicals may damage the mattress, so you should test any products you use on a small area first. Please ensure that your mattress has been aired and dried thoroughly before you use it again.

Knowing how to clean your memory foam mattress is slightly different from knowing how to clean any mattress as you cannot get the memory foam too wet otherwise, it creates the perfect condition to grow mold!

How much does a good memory foam mattress cost?

The cost of a good mattress all depends on the components and quality of the memory foam. If you’re looking to buy high-quality memory foam with components like cooling technology, then you may be put out a few thousand bucks.

But remember, memory foam conforms to your body and relieves pressure points, so it is worth the investment. My only pet peeve about memory foam is that it tends to sleep hot, so it’s best to spend a little extra on cooling technology and a ventilated design.

How long does it take for a memory foam mattress to inflate?

Generally speaking, memory foam mattresses tend to take between 24 to 48 hours to inflate fully, but every memory foam mattress is unique. Some memory foam mattresses will take longer than this, while others will take shorter. 

I would also recommend that after a few hours, you should pop in a mattress protector or topper as it is so crucial to take care of your memory foam mattress for it to last a long time; using a mattress protector will massively reduce the chance of mold building up. 

How do you make a memory foam mattress firmer?

After a good few years, your memory foam mattress may start to feel a little bit softer, especially if you bought a cheaper option. But no need to threat; this doesn’t mean you need to go online and buy a new one; there are a few ways you can make your memory foam mattress firmer and quite quickly. 

The first tip is to flip your bed every six months; this is recommended with any mattress as one side may start to sink if you just sleep on one side. It will really prolong the life of your mattress if you flip it every few months or so. 

If your memory foam mattress is feeling a bit flat and sunken, then you can also invest in a memory foam mattress topper or any old mattress topper. This should help give your mattress a new feel and at half the price of buying a new mattress

You can also buy more support with a base layer that can go underneath to firm up your memory foam mattress. 

How to compress a memory foam mattress?

Many manufacturers offer a sleep trial, but if the mattress comes in a box after inflating, it may feel impossible to get it back into the box that it once came in, but don’t worry, I’ve got some tips as to how to do this job easily. 

But it is quite easy to compress a memory foam mattress at home. You just need to know how to do it. 

Place your vacuum hose over the valve and seal them together using a strip of duct tape; turn your vacuum on and start putting the air out of the mattress; as the air leaves the memory foam, the mattress will begin to shrink.

Walk over the mattress to try and get rid of as much air as possible, and then it should be easier to fold up and pop back in the box you got given from the manufacturer. Then hop on down to your local drop-off point and send it back. 

How to make a memory foam mattress cooler?

The best way to cool down a memory foam mattress is to buy a cooling mattress topper or pad. Many cheaper memory foam mattresses have the tendency to sleep hot as the cooling technology used in the design tends to be of poor quality.

Mattress pads and cooling mattresses toppers are a brilliant inexpensive fix to cooling down your memory foam mattress; adding a natural material like wool or bamboo can help improve air circulation and adding a cooling feel to your mattress. 

A Brief History of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have not always been found on the beds of people up and down the country. Amazingly, this type of mattress was first developed for use by NASA in 1966, as they wanted to make the cushions in aircraft much more comfortable and safer.

Originally called ‘Temper foam,’ but also referred to as ‘Slow spring back foam,’ this product was eventually released to the public in the 1980s. This meant memory foam could be used by manufacturers who wanted to create comfortable products for their customers.

During the ’80s a lot of manufacturers refused to create cushions and other products using memory foam, as the process was deemed too unreliable. Fast forward to the 1990s, and a Swedish mattress hit the market, and the medical world seemed to take it on by storm.

Used to help relieve pressure sores and many other painful medical conditions, memory foam was used in many different countries worldwide.

There was just one problem. However, the mattresses and cushions would retain heat and prove to be uncomfortable for some, so, in 2006, adaptations were made to make them more breathable and allow for better airflow.

The better airflow meant that more people started to use memory foam in their cushions and in their mattresses. Wheelchair cushions, extra cushions for chairs, and of course, mattresses soon made their way into more hospitals and into peoples’ homes.

Not as expensive as it once was, memory foam has become a part of our daily lives, fifty years after it was first created for use by NASA.

These days, memory foam mattresses are used throughout the world, and manufacturers of mattresses and cushions are beginning to add other materials to them.

Charcoal, green tea extract, and even aloe vera are being used to help reduce odors and offer a longer-lasting and more comfortable mattress.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it the best memory foam mattresses on the market along with everything you need to know when buying a memory foam mattress. Whether you suffer from aches or pains or just looking for a mattress that cradles your body while you sleep then memory foam is the best of the best. 

When buying a memory foam mattress it is worth investing more and getting more out of the mattress than buying cheap and it is not as comfortable a few years down the line. You want to pay for high-quality components that will see you through the years. 

There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud and with memory foam, it will do just that, so spend time trying out a few different mattresses, and when ordering online always go for the option to do a sleep trial.

Sleep trials are brilliant for getting a feel of the mattress without having to commit, try before you buy kind of thing. But be sure to read the fine print so you don’t get caught out with any extra hefty shipping fees, this will always be stated in the fine print. 

Choose any of the options I have selected for you today, you won’t be disappointed. 

Lauren Hall

Head of Content at Sleepedia


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