Squeaky Mattress – Why & How To Fix (2021)

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written by sleep expert Lauren Hall

Few things are more infuriating than a constantly squeaking mattress. Whether you’re attempting to get a good night’s sleep or just can’t stand the incessant annoying creaks every time you move, it’s an issue you’ll want to fix as soon as possible. This is our solution for squeaky mattress fixes.

In order to determine how to get rid of the noise, you have to know what’s causing it. This can depend on a number of different things, so you’ll have to check each aspect of your mattress and bed set up to rule out these causes.

Luckily, there are fixes for each kind, but you’ll first have to locate and isolate the source of the noise. Let’s break down the different causes and solutions for the squeaking.

What is Causing the Noise?

1. Bed Frame

Most noises aren’t caused by mattresses or the box spring, mostly because a majority of modern ones don’t use metal.

A bed frame is the most logical place that noise could be originating from. Lift and remove it as well as the box spring – or other foundation that you are using – from the bed frame and take a closer look.

Then grab the headboard and give it a little shake. If you hear those noises that you’ve been annoyed by, then the bed frame is the culprit.
2. Box Spring and Foundation

To test a box spring or similar foundation, simply remove it from your bed frame, lift your mattress off of it, and gently lower yourself to lie down on it. If you hear those offended squeaks, it must be the box spring!

This is often caused by broken or loose slats, but depending on the type of foundation you use, can be a result of faulty springs, torsion bars, or grid decks. Most of these issues will be covered by a warranty.

3. Mattress

Mattresses don’t often cause squeaks, but if they do, the best way to find out is to remove it, place it on the floor, and lie down and move around on it.

If there are specific squeaky sounds, then your mattress may have broken or defective springs. If it is still covered by warranty, then you are likely eligible for a replacement or a fix.

How Do You Fix It?

There are a few different solutions you can try, depending on what the source of the noise is. These are our solutions for squeaky mattress fixes.

Tighten Screws

Look for nuts, bolts, or screws that are loose and tighten them with the right tool until they no longer squeak. The main problem areas are usually joints and connections.

Tighten Gaps

Wooden bed frames usually don’t have bolts to tighten, and if the frame is loosening in places where you can’t tighten or properly fix, use small corks – or pieces of cork – to wedge between the mattress and squeaky areas of the bed frame.

You can also use this around pegs or between particularly gapped slats.


Joints in your bed may squeak because they need oiling, just like any type of furniture. Use WD-40 to carefully lubricate the source of the noise. If you need an alternative to WD-40, you can use vegetable oil temporarily. Do note that this only works on metal!

This same fix works for box springs that are past their warranty, too.

Flip open the box spring and expose the springs within. If there’s no easy way to expose them, cut a small hole in the fabric above them. Spray each spring individually, or the specific areas that you hear squeaks coming from, and staple the backing fabric back into place after.

This is another fix for squeaky joints, but it can work on wood, too. Find the source of the disturbance and use a wax candle to rub all over the connection points. You may need to do this for a while and get quite a few wax coats on before the solution works.

Rotate Your Mattress

If your mattress is the kind that can be rotated, do so! The noise could be it telling you that you need to give it a flip.

Check Positioning

Make sure that your mattress is centered on the box spring and bed frame. Keeling too much to one side could be putting too much weight on some areas of your foundation and frame, causing noisiness.

Household Objects

Having a lot of difficulties getting rid of that particular squeak? There are solutions available all around you! Place a book between it and the part of the frame or box spring that is squeaking.

Stuff a sock between noisy, gapped slats or gaps in the bed frame. While they’re far from permanent solutions, they work well in a pinch and can greatly reduce noise.
Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, the mattress or bed itself may not be the problem. Is your bedroom floor uneven or sloping? Use towels, books, or other similar objects to level out the mattress, or, if space allows, move your bed to an area with even flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my mattress to stop squeaking?

Place a flat, rigid object right underneath the offending mattress spring. A hardcover book or piece of plywood are good objects to try. The pressure will likely reduce, and maybe even eradicate, the squeaking.

Should a new mattress squeak?

Mattresses rarely squeak and it’s usually only hybrid mattresses that do, due to their coils, that do squeak. If it’s not the mattress, then check the box spring as this is the most common source of the bed squeaking.

How often should you replace your mattress?

Under normal conditions, mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. Of course, this is a general guideline and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

How do you stop a wooden bed from squeaking?

  1. Rotate the Mattress
  2. Get a New Mattress
  3. Oil the inside of the Box Spring
  4. Replace the Box Spring if You Can’t Fix It
  5. Tighten the Bolts
  6. Lubricate the Screws
  7. Put Beeswax on the Wooden Parts
  8. Replace the Bolts and Screws You Can’t Fix
  9. Replace Metal Washers
  10. Stuff the Gaps in the Bedframe
  11. Even out the Bed Legs
  12. Get Another Bed Frame

Do all metal beds squeak?

Properly made and assembled metal beds should not squeak. If you buy a bed frame from a reputed retailer or manufacturer squeaking is not something you should worry about.


So, there’s a brief guide on how to fix your squeaky bed as well as why it might be squeaking in the first place.

This could be anything from the mattress to the metal bed frame so be sure to check thoroughly otherwise you may end up replacing the wrong thing.

With the use of this information, you’ll be prepared and know how to go about fixing anything that comes your way so you can feel confident when it comes to preventing your bed from squeaking.

Now there’s only one thing left to do, get your bed comfortable and squeak-free then have the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Sweet dreams!

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