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Are you looking for a good mattress to help ease back pain? Back pain is a common ailment for a lot of people. It is the result of the different activities we get up to. Sometimes it can have a permanent effect, whilst sometimes it can be fixed, quick, and easy. But what happens in between as you are experiencing back pain? One of the worst and most irritating aches to deal with is chronic back pain. It can be disabling and it can wreck your day and throw you off totally. It can actually be more than just irritating, it is one of the leading causes of disability in the world.

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If you have any sort of back issues, then you will be looking for any sort of pain relief, especially when you go to bed. Finding your peace when you go to bed, is largely linked to the bed you are going to. The ideal mattress for back pain is dependant on your sleep preference and position. Memory foam and latex mattresses have been favourited by many backache users. Hybrids are also amongst the top picks because of their combined materials that can offer the best of both worlds to the sleeper. Long story short, find a mattress that compliments you and is within your budget. If we had to choose one it would be the Sweetnight 12 Inch.

It offers incredible support, which is important when dealing with a bad back. It is also highly breathable. There is a more detailed review included below. Now let us take a more in-depth look at the various options available on the market.

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This Guide Will Help You To Buy The Best Mattress For Bad A Back


Sweetnight 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress Medium Firm

This company believes that people do their best when they sleep well. China is the world’s largest developed country because of its talented people. The company has separate R&D ensuring the best product to people around the world. The quality that they produce is backed by a belief in making it is a top priority. The company established and delivering its quality product since 2008. The 12-inch mattress is certified gel memory mattress foam which has 3-inch gel memory foam, 3.5-inch airflow open-cell comfort foam and 5-inch high-density supportive foam offering super comfort, softness, and peace while sleeping.

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These 3 layers design just made the bed smoother and softer to use. This proves the worth of every penny an individual spent on it. Those who have issues with the spinal alignment, those who sleep on their stomachs; this mattress it just made for them. This is very soft and supportive. This mattress is certified hypoallergenic ensured by CertiPUR-US® to resist the body from allergens and bacteria and dust. The harmless material used in this mattress is formaldehyde and mercury, rayon cotton. 3.5-inch air flow cell made this mattress super ventilated and comfortable mattress.

This supports your sleep with caring the sleeping issues like tossing and turning, excess movement sagging and rolling. This relieves pressure and keeps the body straight from head to toe to maintain perfect spinal alignment to the body. This is very easy to set up and use. It fits all the frames and boxes or shapes. It fits like a box frame, slatted base, hospital, floor bedding and so on. The Manufacturer offers 10 years of warranty for this mattress. This is great and gives extra reliability to the consumer. The manufacturer believes 96% of their customers are so happy to use this mattress and they tend to refer others to use it as well.

Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 12 inches

Product Weight: 81 Pounds



This is breathable and very body supportive


This mattress is good for spinal alignment or any spinal issues.


This is CertiPUR-US® certified and Hypoallergenic.


This is super soft to feel.



This is a little expensive to purchase.

Latest deal: Sweetnight 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress


Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep is a very new company that started in 2015 as a medium brand joining the competition and aiming to serve the customer with quality and trustworthiness. The main fact of their policy is to offer good products at a very lower price. They manufacture their products in Southeast Asian countries. The company originated in China. Among the other product categories, Olee Sleep 10 inches gel-infused layer memory foam mattress is the most popular and oversold product. The 1-inch layer of 8 ILD soft memory foam which gives extra softness and support to the body, 1-inch layer of 25 ILD HD foam layer to prevent abandonment of the memory foam and 1-inch gel layer to maintain proper temperature and comfort.

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The mattress is a medium quality firm mattress that offers support and comfort to spinal alignment. The mattress is so good to adapt the body shape and provides extra comfort that waking up will be smoother than ever. 93% polyester and 7% spandex keep stable sleep with a standard level of comfort and support while sleeping even in any position. One inch infused gel in the top portion of the mattress provides extra softness and relaxation. And its breathability absorbed the body shape and temperature and gives proper sound sleep. Proper ventilation helps matters to keep the body in good shape and not having unwanted sweating while sleeping.

The mattress is also “CERTIPU-US certified product that means it is hypoallergenic. It resists the body from allergy, bacteria and so on. So it can be said this mattress is also very hygienic and healthy too. This mattress compares to its features and gel-infused memory foam benefits are much reasonable than other same features mattress. As a product from a new company the company offering much to its customers within the budget. This is high-density foam that gives a proper sleep solution with less pressure and more comfort. It is durable to use, which makes it more money worthy to purchase. The manufacturer offers 10 years of warranty for this mattress.

Product Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 10 inches

Product Weight: 33.4 pounds



It gives smooth and sound sleep.


It is comfortable and supportive to the body.


It relieves the body pressure and gives proper relaxation.


This is soft to feel and breathable mattress.



Sometimes this is smelly due to the chemical used in the material

Latest deal: Olee Sleep 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa has 16 years of experience in creating quality products. According to Linenspa, they have the number one selling mattress on the internet. Paying fewer amounts and getting more benefits is all Linenspa offers to its customers. The company originated in China. 8-inch Linenspa memory foam innerspring mattress is the best-selling mattress on the internet with an average review of 4.6 stars. The mattress has a 6-inch innerspring mattress consists of metal coil core inside the foam at the last layer of the mattress. This innerspring with memory foam makes it hybrid mattress which is the most popular mattress among the same line product category. This makes the mattress more comfortable and softer.

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This spring gives the proper support to the body, traditional bounce with maximum comfort. Also, it has 1.5 inches of extra comfort foam layer beneath the memory foam layer. And the top layer of memory foam with knit cover provides remarkable sleeping experience. The mattress gives med firm smoothness feels allowing multi positioning sleep. It relieves the pressure and supports the body from toe to head. The plush layer reduces the pressure and keeps the body in shape. While sleeping the body will be relaxing as it required. Also, such a feature gives support to those who have back pain or any other spinal issues.

A smart finish and look will give the customer a smart feeling using the mattress. Because of having innerspring the mattress has extra ventilation and breathability. Having such benefits and features this mattress also comes with 10 years warranty. And the most attractive part is this mattress is very much affordable that it beat the best companies in the same product category. This also comes with multi-size allowing the customer to order based on their needs.

Product Dimensions: 80 x 39 x 8 inches

Product Weight: 32 pounds



This is very comfortable and soft to feel.


It relieves the body pressure and supports the body structure appropriately.


It is durable and can be used for a long time.


This supportive for those who have back pain and other spinal issues.



Due to spring it sometimes feels a bit bouncy.

Latest deal: Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

The company is popular for its low price and unique and best features on its products line. The company uses ActiveFRESH to create an eco-friendly mattress. They use active charcoals and by absorbing moisture they control the odour of the mattress. They also guarantee the low price of their products in the market. And this makes the company popular among the customers. Due to global warming, gel-infused mattresses are the most popular and become the trend of sleeping behaviour. It allows the customer to sleep in cool and better. This gives a revive sleep experience. It has a 1.5-inch top layer memory foam infused with gel and 1.5 inches ventilated comfort foam.

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Also, it has 6 inches of high-density foam. This all features make the mattress more balance, durable and supportive for any sleeping position. It has open cell technology to ensure better ventilation with maximum airflow. This will absorb body pressure and support the body movement as it demands. This has Poly Jacquard knitted cover and satin piping non-slip bottom border. This mattress also certified with CertiPUR-US® memory foam certification. That means it is hypoallergenic and healthier to use. It prevents bacteria and allergy and keeps the mattress safe to use.

Being comfortable with this mattress has the most positive reviews than any other. Also, there is an issue with the expansion of size but this happens very rare and may happen for environmental issues. The mattress is very reasonable to purchase. Mattress with such features at this price is very much worth of money. Also, the manufacturer offers 10 years of warranty for this product. This allows for more reliability that the product they are buying is subject to relax for after-sales services. It comes with different sizes and available in almost every online store and of course the manufacturer store too.

Product Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 9 inches

Product Weight: 32.6 pounds



This is comfortable and soft in feel.


It has good breathability.


The infused gel gives Cooling sleep.


It is very much durable and can be used for a long time.



It expands sometimes and exceeds the normal size.

Latest deal: Best Price Mattress 9″ Memory Foam Mattress


Revel Custom Cool Mattress (Full)

Revel is a sub-brand of Mother Company called Innocor. This company is well-known for its foam manufacturing. The Revel is exclusively launched on Amazon with a product of mattress, pillow, and topper. Since the launching Revel has become the most popular because of its affordable price and extraordinary quality. Revel custom cool mattress has three layers in total. Among them it has 12-inch hypoallergenic “CertiPUR-US®” certified foam, also has a 2-inch Climate Cooling gel top layer.  It also has a 4-inch support layer of LiftTex Alternative foam with maximum airflow and 7 inches long-lasting DuraBase technology foam. This hypoallergenic resist the bacteria and allergy attack and the climate cooling system keeps the temperature cool. It feels awesome feeling while resting and sleeping on the mattress. It absorbs body temperature and gives cool feelings.

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This climate cooling system allows the cooling system in and keeps a standard comfort level throughout summer to winter. It has a strong balance of softness and comfort level. This is such a smart construction in the core. That it gives a person the most premium feelings while resting or sleeping. With an extra layer of airflow, DuraBase technology makes the mattress more durable to use. Such mattress with these benefits must be durable to get the customer reliability and so it does. It gives a medium-firm feel and provides standard comfort to the body. It supports the body in any body shape or any sleeping conditions. It gives a tranquil sleep which gives a restful and refreshing awakens from sleep.

Having a proper sleep and refreshing wake up make the morning brighter boost the energy level to maximize more efficiently. This mattress is made in the USA. A premium quality product with such an affordable price is worth every penny. The mattress comes with different sizes and very convenient to set up. Revel mattress also comes with 10 years of manufacturing warranty.

Product Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 12 inches

Product Weight: 69 pounds



This has CertiPUR-US® certification Hypoallergenic feature to resist allergies and bacteria.


It is very durable to use.


It has a Climate Cooling system.


It gives refreshing awaken from sleep and keeps the morning energetic.



It is that much soft that can sink the body a bit sometimes.

Latest deal: Revel 3-Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bad Back Advice

You probably have a bad back, if you have pain that radiates down your leg, if your muscles ache or if you experience sharp stabbing pains. Also if the pain improves when you recline or lie down and gets worse when you bend, lift, stand or walk, you probably have a bad back.

A bad back,  whether it is chronic or acute, can be the result of various factors. It often develops without cause but some of the common causes are muscle strain from heavy lifting, especially when your muscles are not accustomed to it. You can experience painful muscle spasms. Another common cause is a ruptured disk. When the soft cushion in the disk of your back ruptures, or bulges and presses on a nerve.

You may also have a bad back because of arthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. Sometimes, spinal stenosis can occur when arthritis affects the spine. Another cause of back pain is skeletal irregularities, such as scoliosis. Your back may also be giving you trouble because of osteoporosis, which is when the vertebrae in your spine develop compression fractures.

In as much as it can be debilitating, it can be prevented. And if you already suffer from back pain, then you can still use home remedies to ease the pain, like sleeping on a good mattress. Finding a mattress that has the right features may make bad-back days, a thing of the past.

You know you need a new mattress when;

  1. you have a backache whenever you wake up.
  2. you do not enjoy time in bed anymore, you just want to hurry through the night and wake up
  3. your muscles ache through the night and you can’t fall asleep.

Shopping for a new mattress can give you such satisfaction (when you find the right one that is) That is why it is so important that you shop with a clear agenda in mind. If you know why you need a need mattress, you will be able to shop smarter.

Our top picks of mattresses, give you the options you need and will hopefully allow you to make your next purchase.

Best Mattress For Bad Back – Buyers Guide

Depending on how long you have had a bad back, you have probably heard numerous ways to ease back pain. It is such a common ailment, that many have come up with ways to reduce the pain, and guaranteed amongst the roses you will find a couple of thorns and thistles. There are always those who want to profit from taking advantage of back pain sufferers, with gimmicks and gadgets and hacks that do nothing but dip into your pocket. Be careful of corporate vultures.

For your next mattress purchase, take careful consideration of the facts that have led you to need or want to buy a new mattress. The back pain you experience is no walk in the park, especially when it comes to laying down for at least 7 hours throughout the night. Since this is about the only place you can get relief, you might as well make sure you have a great place to lay on. Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping.

How comfortable is the mattress?

You are buying a mattress that is meant to help you ease back pain. It is, therefore, no brainer that comfort should be top of your list. Comfort is subjective and no one can gauge it for you. So make sure you test the mattress yourself. If it is possible, try to get a sleep trial. This way at least you know what you are getting.

Is it hypoallergenic?

If you have allergies of any sort, you will have to make sure that the mattress you get is hypoallergenic. The last thing you want is to be dealing with a bad back and allergies.


Shop around with a budget in mind. When you know how much you are planning on spending, it makes your life that much easier. You will shop knowing what you can get, according to your need. Just remember the reason why you are buying a new mattress. It needs to be able to help ease your back pain, so also make sure your budget keeps this in mind as well. Some may say having a pain free night is priceless, even though your budget isn’t a bottomless pit. So weigh the odds and decide what is more important to you.

Why do you need a new mattress?

Ask yourself this question and answer honestly. Once you have pinned that down, you can then narrow down your options, knowing what features you need in your new mattress. For a bad back, your preference will depend on what type of sleeper you are.

Does it support your back?

Looking for a mattress to help ease back pain means you need to be looking at mattresses that will give your back the support it needs. A mattress that does not conform properly to your body, forces you to lie in an unnatural angle. Pressure on your back gets relieved when you lie down, with a straight posture. It promotes natural alignment and eases the pain. Look for a mattress that alleviates pressure points for your back.

Can Temperature Impact Back Pain?

Who likes to sleep when they are hot? It is a proven fact, that when you sleep in a cooler environment, you sleep better. A more restful sleep involves a 1°C loss of core body temperature. Your comfort is key in being able to have a pain free sleep. However, comfort is a combination of various factors, including temperature. It is not a black and white feature that comes standard with your mattress.


Your weight factors into your idea of how firm your new mattress is. A firm mattress pushes back and allows you to sink into it. The degree of this is determined by your weight. If you are a side sleeper with back pain then you will need a medium soft mattress. Knowing what type of pain you want to relieve will be a great help in getting you the perfect mattress.

Expert reviews.

Check out what other users are saying about the mattress you are considering. Yes, the manufacturer has a list of all you will get with the cool new mattress. You also need to hear what people who have used it are saying about it. These opinions will give you an overview of what to expect. (And let’s be honest reading reviews can be pretty interesting and amusing to read)

Mattress construction

Take a closer look at what and how your mattress is constructed. Knowing the material that has gone into it will help you understand how durable your mattress is and if it will work to help ease your back pain.

Final Thoughts

Buying a mattress is a very personal thing. The only space where you are vulnerable and intimate. It then goes without saying that your mattress should not be an afterthought. Take the time necessary to make a good decision. We have outlined the features you should look out for in a good mattress to help you with back pain. You may be buying the mattress for a loved one or for yourself, either way, know what their symptoms are, understand the need, and look for the features that will make a difference. Remember, when it comes to mattresses, it is not one size fits all. It is all about finding your perfect fit. Yes, you may have a budget, but you spend more than a third of your life sleeping, might as well make it worth the time.

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