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Most medium and large-sized recreational vehicles (RVs) are already equipped with their stock beds that can support a change of mattress. Not just any mattress though – because the average sleeping space in an RV will be generally smaller than the standard size of the bed. Sleeping spaces in RVs are designed to cater to mattresses with much lower profiles. If any fellow RVer is out looking for the best mattress toppers for campers, they would generally search for mattresses that have been specially designed for RVs. These mattresses also have a couple of sizes to choose from and all of these will fill beautifully in your stock RV beds.

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Among all the RV-friendly mattresses out there, you will find that most are constructed with memory foam with comforting layers and very high-density support cores. Some mattresses weren’t specifically designed for RVs – such as latex or innerspring beds – that will match the size criteria of your camper. An average RV mattress can measure up to somewhere between 6” and 8” in thickness while their average dimensions may stand at about 10.” Due to these small dimensions, most of these RV mattresses tend to have lower price tags than those mattresses that are used at home. An average model of an RV mattress should cost somewhere between $200 and $400 if you’re going for Queen Size.

If you wish to learn some more on how to choose the best mattress toppers for campers, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find buying options, the top 5 products according to our experts and tips for shoppers among so much more helpful information. Our choices were derived from owner experiences and verified customers of this product along with extensive product analysis and research.


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Our Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers for Campers


Mattress 4" RV Short Queen Trifold Mattress Topper

This product is called The Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper and let’s give you sneak peek into its best qualities. The Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a product that promises a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep wherever you decide to go on your RV adventure. This product’s innovative tri-fold design has been constructed using 2.5” high-density foam and a 1.5” memory foam. This product has also been CertiPUR-US certified – which means it has been rated with the highest standards for comfort and sleep.

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So wherever you are, you’re in for a good night’s sleep with all your pressure points getting engaged for relief. What’s more? Along with all the comfort and support offered by the product, it has been designed with a portable construction. This is because the mattress topper can be folded up easily for storage or can be transported in any situation. Whether you want this product for sleepovers, extra guests, raving or camping, it is the perfect product!

Sizes available include Extra Small (25 x 75 x 4), Small (33 x 75 x 4), Twin (39 x 75 x 4, Twin XL (39 x 80 x 4) Full (54 x 75 x 4), Short Queen (60 x 74 x 4), Queen (60 x 80 x 4), King (76 x 80 x 4), and the California King (72 x 84 x 4). Lastly, this product isn’t required to be machine washed and all you need is a little spot-cleaning. The same should be done whenever the product gets spoiled. Use mild soap to rinse the product and then wash it off with some cold water before letting it dry naturally.



Promises a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep


The removable cover is easy to wash routinely


CertiPUR-US certified



Some customers believe that 1.5” of memory foam is too low 

Latest deal: Mattress 4″ RV Short Queen Trifold Mattress Topper


Royal Plush Mattress Topper

With the Royal Plush Mattress Topper, you may just be able to get the sleep you have been dreading for. This product has a comfortable and hypoallergenic 2” white mattress and can upgrade your current sleep to a new level of comfort. There will also be no need to go out and spend a lot on expensive mattresses. The Royal Plush Mattress Topper features a 100% durable Microfiber shell with generous levels of down-alternative fill.  The construction of this product is completely hypoallergenic and machine washable. The product also features a stitch-through and box construction to keep the down alternative perfectly distributed.

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All-in-all, with this product, you are looking at even comfort levels wherever you plan on camping and the anchor bands are a promise to keep your topper in place. This product has a specification of 2″ Overfilled with 600 GSM (600 Grams per Square Meter) and it fits every bed that has an 8” to 18” thickness. The sizes available include Twin Size (39 X 75 inches filled with 40 Ounces), Twin XL (39 X 80 inches filled with 43 Ounces), Full Size (54 X 75 inches filled with 55 Ounces), Queen Size (60 X 80 inches filled with 65 Ounces), King Size (78 X 80 inches filled with 85 Ounces), and California King (72 X 84 inches filled with 89 Ounces). The Royal Plush Mattress Topper has been warranted by Royal Tradition against all kinds of defects and the anchor bands are guaranteed to keep your mattress in place in every camper situation.



This product has a comfortable and hypoallergenic 2” white mattress


100% durable Microfiber shell


Has been warranted by Royal Tradition



When pinched, it has 1/4” thickness between both fingers instead of 2”

Latest deal: Royal Plush Mattress Topper


DreamFoam 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

The 2” Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper by DreamFoam is a very high-quality memory foam product and it offers gel swirl infusion. In simple terms, this product has been designed in a manner that it can enhance your overall comfort with increased levels of contouring and additional cooling. The memory foam in this product is unique because of its consistency in immediately contouring to your body’s shape. It even takes things a step further when it provides exceptional relief in pressure points along with decreased levels of motion transfer between partners.

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This Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper has been a custom product in US factories and it will come with a compressed and rolled design. All you will have to do is wait about 24-48 hours for all the shipping odors in the product to dissipate and for the memory foam to expand completely. This will be easiest to do is well-ventilated areas. This product is promised to increase the overall quality of your sleep with amazing pressure relief, enhanced comfort levels and open-cell technology. With the help of gel swirl memory foam in this mattress, you will experience ultimate pressure point contouring and relief.

The high quality of the memory foam will use gel swirl infusion to make your mattress very comfortable. Lastly, the construction of this product includes open cell technology which increases its circulation of air and draws all the heat out and away. This results in colder nights of sleep wherever you are! Sizes include Twin (39 X 75 inches), Twin Xl (39 X 80 inches), Full (54 X 75 inches), Short Queen, Queen (60 X 80 inches), King (78 X 80 inches) and California King (72 X 84 inches).





Enhance your overall comfort 


 Increase the overall quality of your sleep



Some customers thought the product was all too soft

Latest deal: DreamFoam 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper


Best Price Mattress King Mattress Topper

If you choose the Best Price Mattress 3 Inch Memory Foam Topper RV Bed Mattress you’re in for the comfort of pressure-relieving memory foam without having to burn a hole in your wallet. When you lay down on this mattress the topmost layer of the temperature-reactive memory foam will automatically cradle your body wherever it curves. This will help eliminate all the pressure points of your body while enhancing your overall climate of sleep and bring you a truly R.E.M. sleep. This product has a truly thoughtful design as the ventilated topper optimizes the overall airflow to mediate all your trapped body heat.

This will then result in your camper mattress staying fresher and cooler. This topper has also been designed in a manner that it is one inch shorter and one inch narrower than other standard sizes for the perfect fit in your camper. With this product, you will be able to add more levels of comfort to your current sleeping situation. This product will truly allow you to experience the latest trends of sleep innovation because of its memory foam without having to ‘break the bank’.Other sizes of this product include Twin (38″ x 74″), Full (53″x74″), Queen (59″ x 79″), and King (75″ x 79″).

The manufacturer of this product has promised that the mattress toppers have been individually tested and certified by independent laboratories. They were tested here to meet the specific criterion of environmental stewardship, indoor emissions, and physical performance. Lastly, this product reduces overall motion transfer among sleep partners.



Automatically cradle your body wherever it curves


Optimizes the overall airflow to mediate all your trapped body heat


Perfect fit in your camper.



Customers of this product found that it wasn’t able to relieve their body heat 

Latest deal: Best Price Mattress King Mattress Topper


Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam

The Sleep Innovations team has been studying how people sleep for over 20 years and hence has been able to develop cutting-edge topper technologies. Their products are developed with the personalized sleep solutions of people in mind and every detail of these products is thoroughly reviewed. All of this is done to promise one result to consumers – the best possible sleep on a daily basis! The Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper by Sleep Innovations offers its consumers with personalized cooling comfort and support.

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Its 2 layers CertiPUR-US Certified mattress will actually cradle your body whenever you lay on it and allow you to easily drift off into a deep sleep. The soft fiberfill layer of this mattress topper can turn your bed into a truly luxurious sleep experience. This is because the memory foam layer has been designed to support ideal alignment while also easing pressure wherever you may need it the most. The Cooling Gel Memory Foam technology used in this product works to actively keep your sleeping space at ideal temperatures and it wouldn’t matter what season it is.

As a result, you wouldn’t be lying on your mattress wondering what your thermostat is set at. Sleeping on this mattress topper is like sleeping on a puffy cloud; sounds heavenly doesn’t it? The product features 2” of cooling gel memory foam and 2” of fluffy fiber fill for a soft quilted cover. All of this results in an unbeatable level of comfort and gently, pressure-relieving levels of comfort. You shouldn’t even be surprised if you sleep through the alarm with this product. Sizes include Twin (39 X 75 inches), Full (54 X 75 inches), Queen (60 X 80 inches), King (78 X 80 inches) and California King (72 X 84 inches).



Cradles your body whenever you lay on it


Works to actively keep your sleeping space at ideal temperatures


Unbeatable level of comfort and gently, pressure-relieving levels of comfort.


It retains more heat than normal

Latest deal: Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam

Best Mattress Toppers for Campers Buyers Guide

Choosing the Best Mattress Toppers for Campers

For most of the RV owners reading this buyer’s guide, selecting the right bedding options comes down to a simple choice – do you want a topper or a mattress? The term ‘topper’ signifies to one individual cushioning layer on your mattress that will provide extra padding for your sleep surfaces.

These toppers provide for more comfortable sleeping experiences than mattress protectors or pads which have been primarily designed to shield your mattress from stains. Toppers are also quite suitable for those types of RVs that have pull-out sofas that may not have enough space for the average mattress. Common types of RVs and their specific bedding considerations include:


Motorhomes are RVs that can be driven as opposed to those that need towing. These are further divided into 3 classes.

Class A

This is the largest among all motorhomes and some may even measure up to 50 feet. They tend to have the most space and sleeping quarters that can be compatible with mattresses of any size. Some of these RVs also come already equipped with bunks.

Class B

These models are much easier to drive and measure up to 30 and 40 feet. They have smaller interiors but still offer quite an abundant space for fixtures. To save up on space, many of these come with built-in beds that work best with bunk beds or toppers.

Class C

Unlike the previous 2 classes, a door of the truck moves onto the chassis and provides access to the interior of the motorhome and its cab. These motorhomes can measure up to 20 or 40 feet and mostly do not have enough space for beds. This is why they incorporate pull-out sofas or beds and this is why toppers work great here.

Fifth Wheel Trailers

These are probably the largest category of towable trailers out there and are named after their coupling device that is used to tow the trailer. Most of these 5th wheel trailers are quite large and can also fit full beds with their mattresses. Some, however, may only have bunk because of their limited size ranges and hence will work well with toppers.

Travel Trailers

These types of campers are fairly long and tend to feature several built-in features for the RVers’ convenience. Without their 5th wheel coupling, however, these trailers are quite difficult to maneuver and also tend to be much narrower with less interior space. This is why they mostly employ fold-out beds that mostly work well with toppers.

Pop-Up Trailers

These types of trailers are mostly the smallest kind of towable trailers out there and they have small sleeping quarters. Pop-Up trailers are used for occasional camping excursions or some relatively small road trips. They will not have many built-in features and tend to be fairly short. This is why thick mattresses will never be recommended for them. Toppers will be the very best option here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be Your RV Mattress Budget?

RV mattresses are generally quite cheap as opposed to standard mattresses and will cost less than $500. Some models can be cheaper than $150.

Does it Matter What Type of RV I Have?

Yes, it certainly does. Larger RVs such as Class A and Class B motorhomes or 5th Wheel trailers tend to have sufficient roof for normal mattresses. Smaller vehicles in the same of different categories of RVs will, however, require toppers because they are the only suitable option.

What Size of Mattress Do You Need?

RV mattress shoppers have the option of selecting from 11 different sizes of best mattress toppers for campers and about 2 dozen different variations of dimensions. Well, all you need to do is take measurements of your RV’s sleeping areas of your RV and then simply match these to the specifications of mattress toppers to meet the best match.

What Levels of Mattress Firmness Should I Prefer?

Generally speaking, RV mattresses are usually firmer. There will, however, be softer foam options or innerspring options available wherever you look.

Which RV Mattress Is Perfect for Camping Trips?

All you need to know here is that the innersprings of mattress toppers tend to wear out when they are exposed to several external elements. This is because their metal springs are susceptible to rust. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, have much longer life spans and can be used in the most rugged environments out there

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