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Whether you like babies or not, you can’t deny that they do grow up incredibly fast. One minute you have a crying infant, and the next thing you know, they have outgrown their crib and are now crawling about the house, investigating everything. It’s important that you pick the right time to transition your baby from their crib to a twin bed for toddlers.

However, selecting the right bed is easier said than done, as there are multiple things that must be considered and hundreds of different beds to choose from. The good news is that you can’t go wrong when picking a toddler bed for your baby since they don’t have many preferences. The only thing you need to ensure is that the bed is safe, and you’re all set. As a parent, you only want to make the best choices for your toddler, but with so many options available to you, it can quickly get overwhelming.

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We understand the complexity of the problem and have, therefore, not only reviewed the top 5 twin beds for toddlers but have also outlined a detailed buying guide. Go through it all, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll have an excellent idea about which twin bed to purchase for your toddler.

We understand that you don’t want to go through all the reviews in this buying guide when you’re running short on time. That’s why we have highlighted our top pick right at the beginning, so you’re not forced to read till the end to find out the best twin beds for toddlers. Our pick is the Hiccapop Bed Bumper that has introduced a ground-breaking next-generation foam bed rail system, which can be installed in seconds. It has been rigorously safety-tested and is hypoallergenic, chemical, and BPA-free. You get 100% lifetime satisfaction with this bed, along with water-resistant and washable sheets.

The Hiccapop’s foam bed bumper offers a safer and simpler alternative to expensive and clunky metal bed rails. It has been engineered and designed at Stanford University for the purpose of offering parents a convenient and inexpensive bed rail system that is the perfect fitting for any size bed. It is trouble-free and installs in seconds. The bumpers around the bed are the perfect height for toddlers and provide ample room for your baby to stretch out when sleeping.

The best part about the foam bed bumper is that it also doubles up as a versatile bed divider or a stationary body pillow that prevents your child from rolling off the bed when they’re sleeping.

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Our Top 5 Best Twin Beds for Toddlers


Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

The Hiccapop Bed Bumper is our top pick for the best twin beds for toddlers, as it has been engineered with steep sides that protect active sleepers from falling. Its compact shape ensures that your baby has plenty of space to stretch out, and the installation couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is unroll the bed bumper and place it securely at the edges of the bed. The rail holds firmly in place, due to the bumper’s non-skid silicone bottom and the pressure of the sheet against the mattress.  Climbing over these bed bumpers is easy at bedtime and offers a comfortable and soft foam to sit on when you’re reading bedtime stories. The Hiccapop Bed Bumper has been designed and engineered based on ‘Passive-Safety Protection.’ Its goal is not to create a prison for your toddler but act as a reminder that they are close to the edge. These bumpers won’t trap your toddler-like a prisoner and act instead as a protective barrier that offers a more comfortable and soft sleeping experience.



Passive-safety protection


Manufactured safely and responsibly


Keeps young sleepers completely safe


Compact shape



Most people have complained about the bed not being right for toddlers

Latest deal: Toddler Bed Rail Bumper


Dorel Living Braylon Twin Bed

The Braylon Twin Bed is another great option as a twin bed for toddlers. It has been designed and manufactured by Dorel Living and is built from sturdy wood construction. The twin bed offers a wonderful look and will match with any interior style décor. The rich espresso finish, along with the solid block legs, and arched open-slat headboard design ensure that you won’t find a nicer looking twin bed. It can easily accommodate a twin-sized mattress without a box spring and highlights a minimalist design that is suited for small living spaces. The Braylon Twin Bed has a minimalist style with clean lines that allow it to easily blend with any décor and be the focal point of the bedroom. You can bring a sophisticated style into any bedroom with its arched and open slat headboard design.



Simple design


Comes with arched open slat headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats


Can be used with a twin-sized mattress  





No negative reviews about this bed yet

Latest Deal: Dorel Living Braylon Twin Bed


Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

The Turbo Race Car Twin Bed from Delta Children is what sweet toddler dreams are made of. The design of the bed resembles that of a classic race car and includes plenty of fun details, such as chrome-colored rims, racing tires, a rear spoiler, and a front grille. That’s not all, as the high sides of the car bed will act as guardrails to secure your child from falling out. The bed has been designed for children of all ages to enter and exit the bed safely without any danger. The Turbo Race Car Twin Bed is decorated with cool decals and made from durable molded plastic and is the perfect bed for any car-themed room in the house. It’s the perfect bed for any child that dreams about racing cars or is a fan of the Disney Pixar movie ‘Cars.’



All-plastic construction


High level of details in the classic race car design


Can be used with a standard twin mattress


One of the most unique beds we’ve seen



Some people have problems with the decals and color on the bed

Latest Deal: Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed


Foundation/Platform Bed for Kids Girls Boys with Steel Headboard Footboard

The Mecor Twin Curved Metal Bed has a 100% sturdy steel metal frame along with a graceful arched headboard and footboard. The bed allows you to bring a touch of class to any bedroom with this classic twin-sized metal bed frame. The design in the footboard and headboard offers you that extra bit of style and class whenever you enter the bedroom. The farmhouse or countryside style is unique in a twin bed, as is the curved design on the headboard and footboard. This bed is a heavy-duty metal structure that offers strong support for your standard twin-sized memory foam or spring mattresses. You can easily put this mattress on slats without requiring any box spring. So, if you were planning on buying the Mecor twin curved metal bed frame for your toddler.



Unique design


Sturdy metal frame


Storage space


No box spring required



Many have complained about the bed not being durable

Latest deal: Foundation/Platform Bed for Kids Girls Boys with Steel Headboard Footboard


Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 6-Inch

The Classic Brands Cool Gel 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a high-quality pressure-relieving and memory foam that is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, molds, and bacteria. It features a high-density base foam layer that will conform and mold to the body and eliminate tossing and turning throughout the night.  This is a medium cushion-firm feel mattress that can be used in boats and RVs since it has an adjustable base. It is a CertiPUR-US Certified mattress that has been independently laboratory-tested and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. If you’re looking for the ideal twin bed for your toddler, it is a great choice as it is preferred for use in dorms, bunk beds, and kid’s rooms.



Is an ideal mattress for kids’ rooms, bunk beds, and dorms


Provides a comfortable, cozy environment for deep, restful sleep


Comes with a detailed cover that works with the memory foam


Draws out the body heat for a comfortable sleep



Not suitable for people who don’t like gel-infused mattresses

Latest deal: Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 6-Inch

Best Twin Beds for Toddlers Buyers Guide

Shopping for twin beds for toddlers isn’t hard, but it is needlessly complicated because there are so many options in the market, with each claiming to be the best one. How does a parent decide? That’s why we have decided to share this buying guide on how to shop for twin beds for toddlers. There are plenty of styles, designs, and types available with most geared towards toddlers with princesses, fairy tale themes, and cartoon characters, while some are stylish and typical.

Some of the common options you’ll come across when shopping for twin beds for toddlers include the following:

Convertible Toddler Beds

You can convert these beds into full-sized beds when your child grows up, but you’ll need a detached conversion kit for that to happen.

Panel Day Beds

They have rigid panels on the extended sides of the bed instead of standard side rails and are mainly constructed out from plastic, plywood, fiber-based board, and wood.

Toddler Day Beds

They have three full sides and may have a safety rail on the open side, but most don’t have that. You can use it as a standard bed if it has guard rails, but otherwise, it makes for a great couch.

Vehicle Toddler Beds

They are in the shape of carriages, boats, trains, planes, buses, and race cars, so if you want your child getting excited about their new bed, these beds will make them want to get to bed earlier.

Sleigh Beds

These are wooden beds and come with a slat-based headboard, side rails, and a floorboard. The designs on these beds are typical and make for good twin beds for toddlers.

Why Transition Your Child into Toddler Beds?

There’s no rule stating that as soon as your child starts walking, you need to get them sleeping in a toddler bed. However, it is the safer option, and the ideal age to transition your kid into a toddler bed would be between 2 years to 4 years, depending on how fast they have grown up. If you’re wondering whether you should transition your child into a toddler bed, here are some reasons that it might be the right time:


Kids can get into all kinds of mischief, and toddler beds provide the ultimate fun and entertainment, as they have attractive colors and interesting designs. That gets kids excited about their beds, and you won’t find them complaining about bedtime anymore. There are some toddler beds with a center leg on each side to make them more stable. That’s a great plus point because most kids play on their bed and can even use the bed as castles or tents.


Once your kid is old enough to move around unsupervised, it just makes it convenient to transition them into a toddler bed. That’s because your kid will want to move around in their bed and get up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. Having a crib will only complicate matters for them.

Sleeping Problems

If your child tends to wake up earlier than you and comes into your bed in the early hours of the morning, you need to do something about that. You can set up a gate at their bedroom door and child-proof the entire room, so even when your toddler gets up before you, they won’t manage to get out of their bedroom and wreak havoc around the house.

Sharing a Room with a Sibling

You could even think about getting toddler bunk beds if your kids need to share the same room. That will not only make it easier for you to manage but will ensure that each kid has a separate bed.

Arrival of a Baby

If you’re expecting the arrival of another baby, you need to transition your kids from the crib into a new twin bed for toddlers. That is kind of like an eviction notice for your toddler, but it’s something they need to learn can happen to them at a young age.

Safer Structure

One of the main reasons to get a twin toddler bed for your toddler is because it is lower to the ground than a crib, which decreases the risk of your child falling out of their bed. Standard twin beds for toddlers do contain side rails that act as barriers to stop your child rolling off from the bed.

Your Kid Keeps Escaping

If your toddler has mastered the art of escaping from their crib, you need to act quickly. You don’t want them falling over or breaking an arm trying to escape their crib. Kids are curious about everything and when they are ready to explore their best to give them the freedom to roam about their room without hurting themselves.

Important Features to Look for When Buying Twin Beds for Toddlers

Make no mistake about the fact that your toddler is going to give you a hard time when it comes to transitioning into a toddler bed. That’s because toddlers get attached to their crib, and many throw tantrums at having to leave their beds. To ensure that the transition happens smoothly without any drama, it’s best to know what features you should look for when buying twin beds for toddlers. That will ensure your toddler doesn’t reject their new bed. Here’s what you need to consider:


The biggest concern and factor for many parents when they are choosing toddler beds is how well the bed has been made and whether it is completely safe for their child. The bed needs to have plenty of space for the mattresses to fit in tightly, and the child must have a lot of leg space and room to play, lie down, sit, jump, toss and turn. A bed with pointed edges or ends is out of the question immediately as it’s not child-proof. You need to ensure that the guardrail and ladder are well-built to ensure that your child isn’t going to hurt themselves.

A toddler bed without any protruding ends or edges would be ideal as they don’t have any elements that may harm your kid. If you’re opting for metal frame beds, be advised that they have tiny screws that tend to get loose and fall out. Keep an eye on them to ensure the bed is stable and think about getting side rails so that your kid doesn’t fall out of bed when they roll over. When inspecting a toddler bed, don’t be afraid to give it a good rattle to check if it’s well-constructed. Your kid is going to play rough, so it’s important that you don’t buy a flimsy twin bed for toddlers.


Another priority for people who’re looking to buy twin beds for their toddlers is a comfort, as they want their child to get used to sleeping in a bed quickly. Look for a bed that has high sides so that the toddler doesn’t fall when asleep, and ensure the bed is at a comfortable height so the kids can easily exit and enter the bed. You can get your toddler involved in the decision-making process to have them more excited about transitioning into a new twin bed for toddlers.

Don’t be hard on your child during the transition and ensure that they are comfortable in the bed. You can ask them to move or climb down from the bed to check if they experience any discomfort or problems. To ensure that your kid doesn’t throw a tantrum at losing their crib, you can have the twin bed for toddlers installed at the same place as the crib.

Then keep all their comfort items like stuffed toys, baby duvets, and blankets together on the new bed, so they don’t feel out of place in new surroundings.

Construction and Materials

One of the biggest concerns parents have with toddler beds is the size of the bed. Most toddler beds aren’t that big, and parents are looking for beds where their kid can not only sleep in comfort but can also play around in without hurting themselves. There are even some cribs that convert into toddler beds with the help of a conversion kit. Toddler beds, in general, are constructed from wood, metal, and fiber construction, with wood being the most popular option.

Wooden toddler beds are versatile in shade, size, and form are also sturdier, so you have a resilient and safe structure for your kid. Metal toddler beds have well-ventilated construction and are more spacious, but the build isn’t the most solid. Assembling metal beds is easier, and they tend to last longer. Wooden toddler beds don’t last as long, but there are some models that feature both wooden and metal construction that make for a good choice.

Toddler beds come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and with such a broad range of designs to choose from, it’s no wonder that parents get confused. It’s best to allow your kid to pick the design of their bed so they immediately like their new bed instead of complaining about not sleeping in the crib.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Even though we’ve tried our best to explain everything about buying twin beds for toddlers, we understand that there are still going to be some questions that we haven’t answered. We will attempt to do that by highlighting some of the frequently asked questions by individuals, shopping for twin beds for their toddlers. These were our top picks:

Do all toddler beds have in-built rails?

Yes, most toddler beds on the market today come with in-built rails, so you don’t need to buy them. Buying a toddler bed is an important decision, and the best way to ensure your child sleeps without complaining is to buy a bed that is in their proper size. You need a bed that is the right height for your child and one in which you can easily fit a comfortable mattress.

What’s the best time to transition from crib to bed?

If you’ve got a toddler between the age of 1 to 4 and they can move around unaided, you should start thinking about transitioning them from their crib into a toddler bed. That’s not only for the comfort of your kid but also for their own safety. Most parents transition their baby from the crib into a bed, once the child gets a year old, but if your child has grown fast and is active, you can do it sooner.

Will the old crib mattress fit into the toddler bed?

Yes, the old crib mattresses will easily fit into the toddler bed, so you don’t need to buy one. This is highly convenient for parents, as that means they get to save money and get a new bed for their toddlers to play and sleep in.


There’s no denying that kids become monsters if they don’t get what they want and if they are short on sleep. If your toddler is having trouble sleeping in their crib, and are always finding ways to break out, it’s time you thought about buying a toddler bed. That presents an entirely new set of challenges that most parents are ill-equipped to deal with. We sympathize with parents a lot because we know just how difficult shopping for toddler beds can be.

That’s why we shared this buyer’s guide and reviewed five of the best twin beds for toddlers currently in the market today. Hopefully, you’ve learned something about toddler beds and are now more informed about the varieties, kinds, styles, and designs of beds available.

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