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Looking to get yourself a pair of slippers that will not only provide comfort but also alleviate pain, retain warmth, and ease swelling like no slipper you’ve ever had before?

Well, you’re at the right place!

Slippers are popular footwear especially among the elderly. Not only are they a comfortable transition from day-to-day activities to relaxing at home but they can alleviate pain and retain warmth, which is vital in older age.

A stylish, and supportive slipper often provides comfort and familiarity when staying away from home. But while comfort is an easy requirement to meet, it’s important to find a slipper that supports the feet and legs.

But no need to worry, I’m here to help!

To make things easier for you I have looked at 52 different slippers to filter them into a guide of my top 10 best slippers for the elderly. These are some of the most comfortable and well-made slippers available to buy. 

Here’s a tip: falls and foot pain are the worst as we get older so finding yourself a good pair of slippers that fit can actually make the world of difference, they will provide you with the support you need while easing pains and aches within your feet. 

I have examined some of the very best slippers for the elderly and collected my top picks, you won’t want to miss it.

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Sleepedia's Pick of Best Slippers For Elderly


ZIZOR Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

best For Non slip
Sealing number one spot is these antislip memory foam slippers by ZIZOR made of breathable suede and will keep your feet comfy throughout the day, they’re super easy to put on with their wide opening and all you need to do is adjust the strap for a perfect fit. 

They’re super stylish for my older ladies but they provide comfort like no other. The Faux Shearling Lining along with a soft fluffy fleece lining is ideal for keeping your feet warm from toes to your ankles on colder days. 

As we get older our circulation becomes poorer so we tend to feel colder, especially in our feet so it’s important to ensure they’re warm. These slippers are also made with multi-layered cushioning to relieve tension and fatigue in your feet.

But that’s not all: 

These high-density memory foam insoles are designed to ensure you get the support you need in your feet, as well as relieving tension and pressure points. Plus the durable rubber outsoles are non-slip so you can walk on any floor without slipping. 

To top it all off caring for these slippers has never been so easy, all you need to do is wash them in the washing machine and then allow them to dry. You can move freely and have the support you need to relieve all aches and pains in your feet. 



Adjustable strap for individual support


Memory foam sole to relieve tension


Rubber outsoles for ultimate grip 


Wide opening and breathable material 




Latest deal: ZIZOR Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers


LongBay Women's Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

great for elderly women
LongBay has a great offering in slippers for elderly women who have sore feet. The design looks elegant and graceful and is popular with the elderly.

This pair comes in grey, pink, wine red, and black and the fur lining inside the slipper delivers a super soft and plush experience. The soft wool-like knit and faux bunny fur lining comforts perfectly for tired swollen feet while adding better stability.

The high-density 80D memory foam is also present in the inner soles, conforming to your feet for added support. The rubber sole is durable and features non-slip capabilities, particularly when buying for the older generation.

This choice meets style and comfort requirements very well.

The supportive insoles relax the arch on your foot and soothe common foot pains from all-day walking and standing. Plus, the rubber sole also provides non-skid technologies both indoors and outdoors, so you can walk freely at home or go outside to check the mailbox. 

Long bay also caters towards slim, standard and wide feet which is the versatility needed to provide ultimate support, making them safe slippers for elderly. They’re also machine washable, and you can care for them easily. 



Rubber soles for grip


Memory foam insole


Soft and plush


Machine washable



Memory foam rises from the sides

Latest Deal: Longbay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Slippers


RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

perfect for elderly men
RockDove has a great offering in the name of slippers for elderly men. The design on this one is cool and fits well with all outfits. They look simple yet elegant and also have color options like black/lime, dark grey/blue, blue/natural, and grey/natural.

They are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This gives a great ratio for durability and comfort. These slippers are well built which means they can last long comfortably. The breathable fabrics and lightweight soles are like heaven for your feet. 

Now that’s not all:

The memory foam on the insole provides great support and the soft insides deliver a plush and super comfortable experience. The grip on these is also good as it uses non-slip rubber and the sturdy sole makes it easy to walk the dog, grab the mail, or just around the house. 

They’re non-marking and noiseless on both tile and hardwood floors. They’ll allow you to get your move and groove back, they’re super safe slippers for elderly and with almost a hundred thousand reviews you can’t get any better than it! 



Soft and comfortable


Memory foam insole


Good grip, safe slippers for elderly


Well built



Padding could hold up better

Latest Deal: Rockdove Men’s Original Two-Ton Memory Foam Slipper


FitKicks KOZIKICKS Active Lifestyle Slippers

Safest slippers for women
FitKicks is another contender in the slipper market and they have a nice offering for elderly women. The simple yet beautifully stitched design gives a very elegant vibe that looks great on you.

The color options you get here are black, blue, cheetah, floral, grey, purple, and turquoise. The slipper is made from polyester and has a rubber sole which means they have a good build quality and should last you long along with a great grip while walking. 

Plus the non-slip rubber flex form technology and rubber grip nubs offer grip on a wide range of terrains!

The inside is lined with fur that is super comfortable and soft and provides excellent support for your feet. The slippers are super cozy and warm and have good resistance against pressure which is a great sign. They’ll also help care for tired and swollen feet 

They’ll keep your feet nice, toasty and warm while providing you with the grip and support you need on the day to day.



Non slip, safe slippers for elderly


Furry inside


Rubber sole for grip


Well made



Could be inexpensive

Latest deal: FitKicks Kozikicks Active Lifestyle Slippers


RockDove Women's Adjustable Wrap Memory Foam Slide Slipper

RockDove is back yet again, this time with a very simple and homely vibe for women slippers. If your feet get slightly hot in slippers or if you’re just looking for a pair of comfortable and supportive slippers for the summer then you have to check these ones out. 

The color options you get are black, grey, and tangerine. The rubber sole makes for great grip on the floor and the build quality is top-notch, this slipper can easily last you for many years to come.

The open toe style keeps your feet cool and fresh during the warm summer months while the adjustable wrap allows you to customize your fit according to your foot, it is also ideal for sensitive or swollen feet as a result of nerve pain or diabetes. 

But here’s the best bit:

The inside is lined with soft fur that delivers a soft and plush experience. The sole has high-density memory foam that conforms to the shape of your foot and provides great support and comfort.

The durable rubber sole allows you to walk around the house to pick up the mail or take out the trash and has a non slip treated bottom to prevent slipping on any wet surfaces and prevent any accidental falls. 

The terry cloth lining also wicks away all moisture to get rid of foot sweat or even water, they’re also machine washable and easy to take care of making it a safe slipper for the elderly. 



Furry inside


Memory foam sole


Adjustable strap


Good grip




Could have padding

Latest deal: Rockdove Women’s Adjustable Memory Foam Slipper

We’ve Created THE Buyers Guide for Slippers For Elderly:

As we get older our feet need much more TLC and support than they ever used to and getting the right footwear is a brilliant first step. Getting the right footwear not only prevents you from accidental falls and stumbles but can also help relieve pain.

Swollen feet, arthritis, diabetes, and just general wear and tear on our feet can take a toll on us as we get older, plus as we get older we often feel much colder so getting a substantial pair of footwear for around the house can make the world of difference.

The best safe slippers for elderly people should fit nicely, accommodate swollen feet and feature a safe non-slip sole rubber sole that can be worn on a variety of different terrains.

Diabetes, arthritis, loss of balance, and swelling are something elderly people have to go through which makes wearing regular slippers for seniors quite difficult. It’s important to find a shoe that not only helps relieve this pressure but supports your feet and ankle.

Let’s break down everything you need to know when buying slippers for seniors.

What to look for when buying slippers for the elderly:

Here are some key things to look for when buying slippers for seniors:

Comfortable insoles: At old age, we all know how important it is to have a comfortable life. Hence, we should pay close attention to how comfortable a slipper is before getting it for an elderly person.

You should look for an insole that has a soft and cushioning material. Memory foam insoles are one of the best materials for slippers as it has many benefits as it helps to relieve pressure points and relieve pain and swelling in your feet, plus it is much more comfortable.

Rubber Soles: Non-slip rubber soles are an absolute need when it comes to buying slippers for the elderly. This is because the grip is so important especially as we age, elderly don’t have the balance they used to, especially when it comes to walking on wet or slippy floors.

A rubber sole is a key element in a non-slip shoe, it naturally creates traction when paired with a grip-friendly pattern and helps provide that added grip on any surface.

Soft soles won’t provide enough support which could lead to falls whereas hard soles will make it difficult to walk. You should look for a good balance between the two for flexibility without the risk of slipping.

Quality: This is another crucial aspect to keep in mind while getting slippers for old people. Good quality slippers not only feel good but also last a very long time. You will not feel the need to change your slippers in a long time if they are well made.

Higher quality shoes tend to also offer more support and also tend to be much more comfortable than the rest, this is crucial for seniors as they need as much comfort and support they can get.

Memory Foam and Padding: Memory foam insoles are infused with the sole and helps conform to the shape of your feet which enables a more supportive experience while you walk. It also relieves key pressure points within your foot to relieve pain and allow for more comfort within your slippers.

Padding improves comfort and it doesn’t feel painful to walk when padding is there. Both of these features are crucial.

Raised heels and Arch design: These features are important for people who have sensitive feet that become sore easily. An arch will help make the posture better for flat feet and the raised heels help in raising your feet better.

It also relieves the pressure of the arch and again adds the stability you may need.

Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps are another important factor to consider when buying slippers for elderly people. Slippers with adjustable strap can provide a better fit, plus they’re much easier to open and close.

I wouldn’t recommend getting a slipper with small buttons, buckles, or clasps. This is because as we age our hands get more fragile and we are more prone to shaky hands, you’ll want something that’s easy to adjust on a daily.

Never go for laces either, they can be more challenging to tie, and then if they come undone this can become a major hazard and a higher risk of falls. Velcro straps are probably the best option for any elderly but especially those with swollen feet as you can adjust to suit you.

Design and looks: This one is the least important aspect but still, style can say a lot about your personality. So, finding a good style for your footwear is just as important for slippers as it is for any other shoe.

The style of the slipper is almost as important as the feel, even the elderly deserve to look and feel their best, plus they can show their style off to their friends.

Go for a good style as there are plenty of them along with color options out there to pick from.

Fit: Getting the right fit can be quite tricky and can get harder and more vital as we age. It is important to focus on the manufacturers sizing guide and measure your feet as this will provide you with the right support.

Slippers that are too tight may cut off blood circulation or even aggravate skin conditions found in elderly people, it can also be painful on swollen feet too as it may push on them.

However, if you choose slippers that are too loose they can fall off and not provide you with the right support. They may even cause you to trip or even fall.

This is another reason why adjustable slippers are so brilliant, they allow for individual comfort, and if your feet are particularly swollen one week then it can accommodate that.

Frequently asked questions– FAQs:

Is it bad to wear slippers all day?

Wearing slippers all day does provide a comfortable environment for your feet but may affect your posture. So, it’s recommended to take breaks in between.

But for added support and stability I would recommend wearing slippers frequently, they also help relieve pain and pressure points within your feet which is helpful if you’re on your feet a lot throughout the day. 

How often should you wash slippers?

Warm slippers are the best place for a fungal infection to spread. Hence, washing them as often as you can is good. As we get older convenience is key, which is why I have only selected slippers that are machine washable for complete convenience.

Try to wash your slippers as much as you can, especially if you’re prone to fungal infections or sweat a lot. 

When should slippers be replaced?

The more you wear them, the more stretched they become, and the fur also starts to war off. So, you should get a new pair every year.

If they stop providing you with the support you’re used to and find yourself tripping up more in them then that is a key indication that they’ll need replacing, it’s important to have ultimate comfort and support all the time.

Should you wear socks with slippers?

Your slippers will last longer if your wear socks with them. The reason is the same as why we wear socks with shoes but reversed. Socks provide a low-friction surface for your feet and slippers.

It will also prevent your feet from sweating as it will wick away most of the moisture as a result, it is mainly down to preference but it is up to you whether you wear socks or not.

Why do my slippers smell?

Slippers will start smelling over time. There is no preventing it, but you can fix it. You can spray deodorants in your slippers every day which helps a lot. Or you can even get a shoe spray that keeps them fresh and odorless.

You should also regularly wash your slippers and replace them yearly to prevent this smell but in some cases it is inevitable. 

The Sleepedia summary of slippers for the elderly:

Today we looked at some of the best offerings for the elderly when it comes to slippers. I have done some thorough research into these slippers and the results are honestly amazing

I made sure to check for great grip while walking as well as comfort and support, some even had memory foam insoles for better support. All had fur on the inside and made sure to deliver on comfort and quality.

They were built well and that is what you expect from a good pair of slippers. Above all, they are perfect for the elderly as they are simple, elegant, and comfortable.

So, no matter which one you go for, you will love what you get.

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