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Are you looking for the best cooling mattress toppers but don’t know which one to choose?

We’ve all been there, when you first start your search it can be a real challenge to know exactly what makes a good cooling mattress topper but luckily, I’m here to help you out.

Finding the right mattress is especially hard when there are so many different models out there. Some companies include one feature while others don’t. With some mattresses being too firm or too soft it can be tiring trying to find a memory foam mattress topper that suits you perfectly.

But don’t panic.

I’ve been comparing the best cooling mattress toppers on the market and put them into a list so you can go straight to the one you like the sound of most. I’ve looked at everything from fabric to firmness in a bid to find you five options that ooze quality.

Here’s a tip, find a topper that allows airflow to circulate as your body falls asleep a lot quicker in a colder environment than a warmer one. Thus by reaching a deeper stage of sleep you feel more rested in the morning. 

So, now you know what’s in store let’s jump in.

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Our Top 5 Mattress Toppers With Cooling Gel


HIFORT Queen Size Mattress Topper

My top pick is the HIFORT queen size topper and you’re going to love it.

The HIFORT cool gel mattress topper improves lumpy, stiff, and uncomfortable mattresses without breaking the bank. It brings new life for ideal comfort and support, increasing the quality of sleep.

This is designed to reduce painful pressure points by cradling the body with a layer of cushiony memory foam. This foam places hundreds of evenly sized and spaced ventilation holes. The HIFORT mattress topper also keeps to the curves of the body and aligns the spine and relieves pressure points.

Now, that’s not all.

It allows a comfortable sleep and the ventilation holes increase breathability and airflow. This foam is made with premium high-quality CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Certified memory foam which makes feel like floating on a cloud, sailing forth into a sea of sweet dreams.

It’s durable durability, reasonably priced, and has a 3-year warranty with a 108-day money-back guarantee. The queen-size topper has no classification to choose from. It is a 3-inch topper and The weight is about 16.45 pounds. 

This is everything you’ll ever need and well worth the money. So go have a look and see if this is the top topper for you.



Ensures a comfortable sleep




Alleviates painful pressure points


No harmful chemicals 



This topper is very spongy

Latest deal: HIFORT Queen Size Mattress Topper


LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Let me introduce you to the LUCID memory foam mattress topper.

The Lucid 2 Inch Zoned Memory Foam Mattress Topper will add a new layer of cloud-like softness to the bed. This topper has five textured zones that help to reduce tossing and turning and it also has a delicate lavender scent.

Five textured zones optimize comfort and help reduce pressure. It also eliminates common pressure points and promotes uninterrupted sleep. The topper is infused with calming Lavender which creates a naturally calming and relaxing atmosphere to enhance the sleep experience. The entire topper is infused with gel to provide an overall cooler sleep environment than traditional memory foam.

And if that still doesn’t sway you then listen to this.

This Mattress Topper comes directly from the manufacturer. For that reason, this product offers top quality at the best price possible. In addition to this, it also has a 3 years warranty.

There are 5 types of Lucid Mattress Topper. Those are-  Lucid 2” Lavender Infused Topper, Lucid 2” Gel Memory Topper, Lucid 2” Lavender infused Ventilated Memory Foam Topper, Lucid 2” Gel-infused Ventilated Memory Foam Topper, Lucid 2” Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Topper. All five types have different designs and different colors. 

So, don’t miss out come and have a look.



This topper is extremely soft, airy and responsive


Infused Lavender makes the atmosphere calm and relaxing


It helps to eliminate common pressure points


It is very cosy and comfy



Most of the time it has massive cracks right in the middle

Latest deal: LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Milemont Mattress Topper

Coming in hot at number three w have the Milemont cooling mattress topper.

The Milemont Mattress Topper is undoubtedly one of the best mattress toppers out there at the moment. It improves the comfort of any bed without spending an uncomfortable amount of money. This 2-inch memory foam helps to soften the surface or add pressure-relieving comfort.

It is a 2-inch Mattress topper with cool swirl gel. Infusing Gel regulates body temperature providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep temperature. This topper also conforms to the curves of the body. This helps to eliminate pressure points at the shoulders, hips, knees and feet.

Hold up, you just have to hear this part.

This topper has hundreds of evenly distributed ventilation holes which allow better airflow through the mattress topper. It is very durable. Anyone can easily use it for 3-5 years. As it directly comes from the manufacturer, this product provides top quality at one of the best prices possible.

Also packaged is a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. There are four sizes in this topper. Those are Twin, Full, Queen and King. The approximate weight of the product full size is about 9.8 pounds and the dimensions of the product full size are 74×54×2 inches.

I love this memory foam mattress topper, it has a lot to offer and it’s well-liked by other customers too, it may just be what you’re after.



The cooling gel creates a cooler, breathable sleeping surface


Keeps the spine properly aligned


Free from toxic chemicals and biodegradable


Ventilation holes allow better airflow



It is hotter than many other toppers

Latest deal: Milemont Mattress Topper


AmazonBasics Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

This one is great for those of you who suffer from back pain.

This mattress topper has 2-inch Full memory foam. That is infused with cooling gel. It will keep your body temperature regulated and give you cool comfort in your sleep. It will adapt to your body’s shape and weight plus this mattress topper has an additional layer for comfort while the top is very firm.

You will fall asleep easily on it. It has a breathable layer with airflow channels that provide a cooling effect. Some mattresses will give you back pain if you lay down for long periods but you’ll never face this kind of issue on this mattress.

Better yet.

It’s comfortable and perfect for any kind of sleeper. It takes 72 hours to reach full height so you just have to remove it from its sealed bag. It will automatically unfurl and expand.

There are six sizes (Twin XL, California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin) available in this mattress. If you are on a budget this mattress is perfect for you. It is very low-priced and backed by a one-year limited warranty. On top of this, it is made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified.

This is easily one of the best cooling mattress toppers, it boasts a 4.5-star rating and has over 1,000 reviews so you’ll have plenty of unbias opinions to rake over.



It promotes proper spinal alignment


It can help ease back pain


It helps to draw heat away from your body.



It does not have any trial period on the product

Latest deal: AmazonBasics Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress


Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam

Here we are, the final pick on this list, and it certainly isn’t a dip in quality.

Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper is for unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support. It doesn’t matter what kind of sleeper you are it will give you sounder and deeper sleep.

Four sizes are available for this cooling mattress topper. They are Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. It has a double-layer cover that you can easily wash in the machine. Both layers will give you supreme luxury like you’re sleeping on a cloud and you can easily remove the Snug-fit cover.

Now, I’m sure by now you know there’s a whole lot more on offer.

Cooling gel memory foam is used on this mattress topper so that you can have personalized comfort with ideal alignment and it eases pressure where you need it most. That also gives you the ideal sleep temperature whatever the weather outside. This mattress topper has 2 inches of quilted fiber and 2 inches of memory foam which will turn your bed into a luxurious sleep space.

It also comes with a nice fluffy polyfill cover so you can create a luxurious bed with this mattress topper for a price you can afford. As a bonus, this mattress topper is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.





Perfect balance of comfort, support, and coolness.


It keeps you cool at night



It is less soft than other toppers in the market.

Latest deal: Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam

Mattress Toppers With Cooling Gel – Buyers Guide

Now that you have seen all of the amazing mattresses that we chose for their cooling gel, what else could we possibly have to offer? Well, I am glad you asked. There are a lot of terms and features that would have come up while you were reading the reviews of each product. If you are not familiar with the said terms, it would be difficult to make sense of the rest of the text. It is one thing to tell you what the features. What anyone would care more about is what these features actually do. Enter the buyer’s guide. This is design to provide you with more information regarding the products. It is also the place that you will find tips that will help you make your choice.

Some of the factors that we considered when looking for the ideal mattress toppers will become evident as you read this. This guide is the ultimate companion for the reviews. It makes for a more complete understanding.

How Do I Choose A Mattress Topper?

Whether you are in a store or shopping online this conundrum will always manifest its ugly head. Being confronted with too many options will make it incredibly difficult for us to settle o one. This is if money is not going to be an influential factor. How does one even begin to choose if they have the budget to tap into? You may consider the following when buying a mattress topper. Answering these questions for yourself may give you a clear overview of what you need.

  1.     Pick one that fits your mattress
  2.     Pick according to your need
  3.     How much does it cost?
  4.     How thick and dense is it?
  5.     What material is it made of?
  6.     Could you be allergic to it?

The size of the mattress that you are getting a topper for should always be the first thing that you consider. Everything else is secondary to this. Once the size is out of the way, we can then consider what your needs are. This is coming from a place where you are buying it to alleviate pain, increase heat, cool down, or make your current one more comfortable. Getting this part right will usually cut out a lot of unsuitable options.

Now that you have found some mattresses that are suitable for your needs and are also of the right size, the cost can come into play. This is an easy way to sift through the mattresses. If you have a limited budget, you would cut out all of the ones that do not fit into that budget. Where the budget is not as limited, you can consider how each mattress’s quality compares to the price.

The thickness will then come into play. Consider what thickness options are available to choose from. If you find that the one that you had chosen is not sold in the thickness that you want, you may then consider just how important it is for you to tick this box.

The material used will determine what the mattress can do for you as well as how durable it would be. The two main categories would be the gel and the memory foam. We will look into the difference between them below.

The allergy aspect is usually more difficult to figure out. You see, some manufacturers do not declare this. If you have any specific things that you are allergic to, you may want to check that this mattress does not include it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gel and memory foam mattress toppers?

It may seem like the obvious answer, but the first difference between the two is the material it is made of. Memory foam is made from viscoelastic. A gel foam mattress is also made from viscoelastic, but it has been infused with gel. The gel gives you a cooler sleep, which means you get a more sweat-free night. Memory foam mattresses have one key feature that sets them apart. This is the fact that your mattress responds to your body weight. Once you find a position that you feel comfortable in, the mattress remembers it. This is where the memory part comes into play. Which one of these two you get will depend entirely on what you hope to achieve with them.

If you are concerned about heat, then the gel mattress topper would be the preferred pick. On the other hand, if it is some comfort that you seek, the memory foam would be a better option. The memory foam mattress will allow your body to direct the shape that they take. They are also better at retaining heat than gel mattress toppers. This means that if you are too cold, a memory foam would help. If you are too warm the gel topper would help. If it came down to just cost, you will find that the memory foam mattresses are the best option.

Can a soft mattress hurt your back?

There is a school of thought that has for so long suggested that we should be seeking more softness in our mattresses. What is increasingly becoming apparent is that this is not necessarily a great idea. Sleeping on a soft mattress is not the best thing you can do for your back. As you lay down, your body conforms to the sag of the mattress causing what is called the “hammock” effect. This means your spine is not straight and you now have to use your body’s muscles, and this will create tension. A soft mattress will cause sagging and it does not provide adequate back support. Pressure will now be concentrated on two areas, the pelvis, and shoulders. Do your muscles a favor and get a topper to give you the necessary back support.

Think about it from a more historical perspective. At the height of evolution, our ancestors would have spent their nights on flat surfaces. Their backs were certainly in better shape than most people’s backs are nowadays. This leads us to believe that we may have overdone it where technology is concerned. Instead of alleviating the pressure on our backs as we sleep, we seem to be unwittingly increasing it.

The ideal mattress is not one that is rock solid. Getting a balance between firmness and softness is the key. It should be soft enough to minimize the pressure of weight on your skin and skeleton. It should also be firm enough to maintain your body’s position as you lay down.

How long do gel mattress toppers last?

Gel mattress toppers generally have a lifespan of around a decade. There is nothing to say that they should not last longer than that. Neither is there anything to say that they should not fall apart in less time than that? This will usually come down to the way that they are treated in use, stored when they are not in use as well as their frequency of use.

The product quality will also determine how long you will be able to use your topper. If it is poorly made, you would be lucky to get a good year out of it. This is the sort of time where you may start to see sagging patches developing across the gel.

In the same way that we are encouraged to fluff our pillows when we get up, you can also encourage longevity in your gel mattress topper by assisting the gel to redistribute evenly across. Doing this would make it less prone to sagging patches or indeed dents.

What thickness mattress topper should I get?

It all depends on your need for the mattress. A minimum thickness of 2 inches is recommended for most sleepers. The thickness of a topper is should correspond to the mattress surface. If the mattress is too firm for the sleeper, then a thicker topper will be needed to effectively adjust the comfort level. What is available may be a limiting factor. Be sure to check that the mattress topper that you want to purchase is available in the thickness that you desire.


We spend a minimum of 5 hours in bed, recouping from the day’s activities and refreshing for the next day. It only makes absolute sense to make sure you have a comfortable and restful night so that you are on your game the next day. With this in mind, make it your priority to invest in the best cooling mattress toppers. Your joints and body will thank you for it. Take into mind what will work for you, so that you get the right topper.

It is now up to you to compare them and see which one is best suited to your personal needs. Even if you felt that you identified the one that you like right from the start, we would still encourage you to read the other reviews. Whatever one you end up with should be a product that you have absolutely no doubt about.

All of the cooling mattress toppers on this list are well worth it and are popular with other customers as well as us. Whichever topper you decide on be sure it suits your needs and provides you with the features you’re looking for. Good luck and of course…

Sleep well.

Lauren Hall

Head of Content at Sleepedia


Lauren is Sleepedia's Head of Content and is a certified sleep therapist who loves her sleep. Lauren helps people to get back to those deep, dream-filled nights they once had by helping to identify problems with their routine and sleep setup. Whether it's a mattress or pillow, Lauren researches the best products in the industry to provide you with an in-depth review of everything you need to know to encourage your buying decision.