Best Mattress Topper For Arthritic Hips [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

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Are you looking for a mattress topper that’s going to ease your hip pain?

Well, I don’t blame you, hip pain is exactly that, a pain. No one wants to deal with it which is why I’m here to help.

Finding the right mattress, especially mattress toppers to help you with your hip pain can be a difficult task and it’s only becoming more difficult with many cheaper materials being sued that are toxic and don’t cater to those with allergies.

Hold on a second though, because I come bearing gifts.

I’ve spent almost 10 hours looking up and down for the absolute best mattress toppers when it comes to helping with hip pain. Even better, I’ve whittled 10 of the best products down to just five so you can see the best of the best and not waste too much time picking between a dozen or more.

Every product on here has been carefully selected based on customer feedback and the features they have on offer, as well as, of course, how well they combat hip pain. So you can confidently select any of the products below and know you’re getting a high-quality product.

So, now you’re up to speed and know what you’re in for, let’s get started…

We’ve spent the time researching so you don’t have to:

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Our Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers For Arthritic Hips


Milliard Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Here it is, my top pick. And it’s something really special as you’re about to see for yourself.

This mattress is constructed with luxurious 2-inch thick, 100% gel memory foam that softly contours to the curves of your body to reduce pressure points, prevent soreness, and relieve stress, joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis symptoms. Hip pain will be a thing of the past when you lay on this gel-infused memory foam topper.

A free, silky-soft bamboo fiber cover is included with this topper. The cover features a non-slip bottom to prevent it from moving around in bed, and it’s removable and washable, so you never have to worry about keeping your topper clean.

Now here’s the best bit.

The premium 2.5-pound density foam supersedes all other toppers in its class and prevents it from flattening and losing shape over time. Plus the unique open-cell technology and gel-infused beads work together to regulate sleep temperature and increase ventilation while you sleep.

My favorite addition though has to be that the CertiPUR-US certified foam is naturally hypoallergenic to provide relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, a nice little touch that really makes this topper accessible to anyone.

This is easily up there with the best mattress toppers for hip pain so go and get it while you can then add to the 2,500+ positive reviews on Amazon.



Moulds according to weight and body heat


Perfect for countering hip pain


Offers allergy relief


Comes with a complimentary cover



Some may not like the initial odour that comes with the topper

Latest deal: Milliard Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Sleep Innovations 2-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Despite a myriad of medication options and natural remedies available for arthritis sufferers, medicine won’t eliminate hip pain but this mattress topper for hip pain might just do the trick.

The 2-inch memory foam topper from Sleep Innovations gives you a luxurious night’s sleep. The memory foam molds your body from head to toe and gives you superior personalized comfort.

Unlike other versions of toppers, the Sleep Innovations topper distributes body weight evenly, creating a pressure-free environment that eases tension. You will notice a big difference in your hip pain. High-density memory foam offers greater therapeutic support and improves circulation.

But that’s not all.

The topper measures 75-inch long by 54-inch wide by 2-inch high. Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, this topper is ideal for improving your sleep. And the great thing about this topper is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. Sleep innovation makes use of modern technology and low-cost manufacturing to be able to pass savings on to you.

This means this mattress will be super easy on your pocket. If you have been on the lookout for mattress toppers for hip pain, but buying one is not in your budget, then perhaps getting a great, affordable topper like this one will do the trick.

So what are you waiting for? Get buying!



It has a luxurious feel to it


Improved circulation


Great value for money



Memory foam mattresses tend to have a slight odour due to packaging

Latest Deal: Sleep Innovations 2-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper


RUUF 2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Twin

Next up is a topper that’s going to make you forget all about your hip pain. 

The 2-inch gel RUUF mattress topper twin offers you a 2-inch memory foam that adds softness and pressure-relieving comfort to your mattress.

The topper is infused with gel material, that captures and distributes heat which translates to a cooler memory foam giving you the perfect, sweat-free sleep.

And if that doesn’t interest you then listen to this.

This marvel of modern technology will have you sighing in utter relief after you sleep on this topper with breathable foam. It has millions of open cells acting as airway chambers for a more comfortable sleep climate. If you’re worried about the foam warping out of shape, then don’t. The gel memory foam in the RUUF topper distributes weight evenly and conforms to curves to relieve pressure.

One of the great things about this topper is that it comes with a 5-year warranty, so you know quality is guaranteed. And if by some chance you still don’t that this is the real deal then get a load of the ratings on Amazon, there are tons and they all sing high praises about this topper. Say goodbye to hip pain and hello to the RUUF 2.

So do yourself a favor and get this mattress topper. Your aching joints will thank you in the morning!



Can ease hip pain


Highly breathable


Gives you a sweat-free sleep


Relieves pressure on your joints



It has a chemical smell when first unpacked

Latest Deal: RUUF 2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Twin


Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper

This topper for hip pain is designed with the same pressure-relieving TEMPUR material found in their other mattresses, this 3-inch topper conforms to your body to deliver more restful sleep which is great for those of us who suffer from hip pain at night. 

The TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature, weight, and shape for precise, personalized comfort and support so anyone can use this topper and have it adapt to their own unique body shape ensuring for a comfortable night no matter your shape or size.

Better yet.

You can say goodbye to dirt, dust, allergens, and dust-mites with a breathable, machine-washable cover and this conforming topper is not only the perfect way to upgrade your own bed, but also enhances comfort in guest rooms, dorm rooms, for travel, and more so you can combat hip pain at night no matter where you are.

This one is more durable than the average mattress topper, Tempur’s innovative, proprietary material is designed for years of long-lasting comfort that won’t let you down and I think it’s safe to say this is true as the Tempur-pedic has over 4,000 ratings on Amazon and a substantial 4.5-star rating.

There’s something special about this one and I think you’re going to love it when you try it for yourself.



Breathable, machine-washable cover




Offers precise and personalized comfort


Great for people with hip pain



Topper can move around sometimes

Latest deal: Tempur-Pedic Topper


KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Topper

And now we come to my final pick but don’t let its position on this list put you off.

This is a 50% thicker than normal mattress pad. Overfilled with ultra-plush snow-down alternative fill, this mattress topper offers the time-tested comfort of tradition down. It provides extra plush padding and support for your shoulders and hips. So it’s an excellent way to restore the support of an old mattress or simply improve the softness and comfort of any newer mattress. Not to mention it’s perfect for helping with any hip pain.

Made of 100% 400TC cotton, the breathable fabric of this mattress topper allows for effective airflow to prevent overheating so you’re able to enjoy a refreshing and restful night free from sweat and hip pain. Stay perfectly cool and comfortably warm with optimal temperature control.

You know the drill, this topper has a whole lot more to give.

This hotel quality down alternative mattress topper without any smell and heat generation is perfect for people who want the softness of down, or anyone who dislikes mattress toppers with the smell of memory foam. Start your restful sleep with a great down alternative mattress topper.

The thick elastic deep pocket can securely attach the topper to the mattress, preventing the topper from moving around in the night and providing consistent comfort. It can hold any mattress and will benefit side sleepers, back sleepers, hot sleepers, and any other sleepers out there.

The true baffle box design keeps down alternative filling in place and prevents fill from shifting or bunching in one area. It’s also machine washable, so no expensive dry cleaning is necessary. Simply wash it in cold water and tumble dry on the low setting.

This definitely belongs up there with the top mattress toppers and will help anyone who suffers from hip pain at night. This is everything you’ll ever need.



Breathable, machine-washable cover


Thick elastic pocket keeps topper in place


50% thicker than normal mattress pads


Great for people with hip pain



May be too soft for some

Latest deal: KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Topper

What We Noted When Looking For Solutions For Arthritic Hips

Perhaps you are wondering “what is the point of a mattress topper?” Well, a mattress topper is designed to breathe life into your ailing one. It is not necessarily old mattresses that would benefit from it.

The design is such that you can introduce it to meet a need that has unexpectedly come up. It may be in the form of an ailment or just the desire to have a more comfortable sleep.

The alternative solution would be having to get a new replacement mattress. A mattress topper would save you a chunk of money while delivering what you need.

Problems that it may solve include allergy relief, providing relief from pressure pain such as hip pain, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should a mattress topper last?
Most toppers come with a 3 to 5-year warranty. Within that time, most companies will allow you to bring it back if there are any qualms. What we can infer from that warranty is that none of the manufacturers expects their toppers to be falling apart within that period.

Under normal circumstances, you should not be required to replace your mattress topper for up to a decade. There are some minor variables to be considered. The conditions in which the mattress topper is stored will play a massive role in longevity. Keeping your mattress dry will go a long way in contributing to durability.

Another key variable is the frequency of use. For instance, the mattress topper of someone that is bedridden could not possibly last as long as one that is used by someone who only spends a few hours in bed. A good practice for keeping your mattress topper in good shape is to consistently flip it. This ensures that your body does not put pressure on the same place all the time.

Can you sleep on just a mattress topper?
It is not the most ideal thing to do. The topper is designed to complement an existing mattress and enhance it. Perhaps your mattress has now lost its fluff or spring and tends to and more kinks in your hips. The mattress topper will give you the added comfort. There are people who are fine with sleeping on the floor.

In fact, some chiropractors would say that this is better for your back over time. If you consider this, there really isn’t a reason why you could not spend a night on a mattress topper. It can be wildly uncomfortable when you start but does not take long to get used to it. This is from the point of view of a person that spends part of every summer camping.

Sleeping on a mattress topper is certainly more comfortable than a mat. A significant portion of the world does not even sleep on a bed. We are privileged to be part of those that get to choose.

How Do You Keep A Mattress Topper In Place?

One of the most annoying things about sleeping on a mattress topper is that There seems to always be a conflict between the topper and your mattress. This sees the mattress topper moving as you sleep. The result of this is an unevenness in the place that you are sleeping on. If the mattress topper slides downward, you would probably find your head handing lower than your body. This can cause neck aches. You would also find yourself waking up repeatedly throughout the night. No one wants to feel tired in the morning, especially when you have spent a reasonable amount of time in bed.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Well, there are a few potential solutions that we are going to present to you. This should make it easier for you to find one that works for you.

Velcro: A great option for keeping things together. The best way to attach your mattress to the topper is to focus on the edges. These are the ones that tend to slide off. Attach velcro all the way around the edges of your mattress. Place your mattress topper onto the velcro. Your focus should be on alignment. It can be very annoying to rectify a misaligned mattress. The central part of the mattress does not need to have velcro on it. It does not move as much. This is an affordable option that is easy to implement.

Straps: There are straps that you can use to attach your mattress to the topper. These straps stretch from underneath your mattress and attach to the mattress topper. They are designed to ensure that the topper would only move if the entire mattress is moving as well. This is a very secure and usually cheap way of solving your problem.

Large Fitted Sheet: You can also use a large fitted sheet. It would work in a similar way to the strap. In this case, the sheet would come from the top, where it would surround the topper. It would stretch to the bottom where it would then connect to the mattress. This is another easy solution to implement but is probably the most expensive method.


Trying to sleep with hip pain can be very difficult and often frustrating but there are ways around it such as mattress toppers. these are cheaper than finding a new mattress but provide the same benefits.

There are various mattress toppers on the market that can ease your pain and give you a great night’s sleep and hip pain relief without breaking the bank. Take the time to understand your need for the topper and which one will work best for you.

My top pick was the Milliard, this topper moulds according to your weight and heat, counters any aches and pains, is hypoallergenic, as well as coming with a complimentary cover. It’s easily the best deal on my list and everything you’ll want in a topper.

So, good luck with your search and make sure you buy right the topper for you.

Sleep well!

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